Why LeBron Going To Chicago Would Be Awesome

I guess I'm old enough school that I remember all too well the Knicks teams of the nineties and their yearly battles with Jordan and the Bulls.   It sucks that the Knicks didn't win a championship during those years.  And it sucks that the Knicks never beat the Bulls in the playoffs when they had Jordan. 

But this is the way I think.  If I had a time machine.....

If I had a time machine and could go back and have the Knicks somehow get Michael Jordan and win three titles with him... I wouldn't.  I lived as a fan every year rooting for Ewing and co. to get back to the playoffs for another chance to beat that arrogant piece of shit.  Honestly the Bulls were a great team, and Jordan was a great player.  But he had a great team too and a great coach.  Everyone made it out to be all about Mike and he lapped it up.  That piece of shit needed to be slapped down.  So if I could change one thing about those years, I'd have Jordan not retire so we could get another chance at beating him down righteously.

So, fast forward to today - if these rumors about LeBron going to Chicago are true....AWESOME.   Because we get to hate the Bulls again who, once again, would have the anointed 'King' of all basketball.  And we would have a whole bunch of chances to show that winning a basketball game and a championship is about teamwork and chemistry, not about getting the goddamn king superman jesus figure on your team.

If I'm playing a pickup game, and my team keeps getting beat because the other team has a guy that's bigger than everyone else, I'm not going to say 'Wahhhh, why can't we have him on OUR team!!!  waaahhhh!!'.  I'm going to say, OK, let's play again, I'll guard that muthaf***a.  Give me another shot at knocking that guy down a peg.

So yeah, go ahead, LJ, put on the red.  I am salivating at the chance to knock your ass down.  Because when you play for Cleveland, I have a bit of sympathy for what you are trying to do in bringing a championship to that downtrodden city.  But if you are playing for the Bulls.... There is no sympathy and you must be destroyed.

My absolute ideal scenario involves the Knicks of TD, Gallo, Chandler, Walker, Lee, and a couple of second round steals (Greivis Vasquez and Jarvis Varnado?) and shrewd pickups breaking the hearts of the LeBron led Bulls.  And LeBron retires without a single championship, like Ewing.

And another thing.  Keep that fragile frenchman Tony Parker off my team.  Hey, Tony Parker's cool and all, but I don't want no Spur coming in to save our ass.  As for Tiago Splitter, if he had any balls he would have come to the NBA years ago.

Championships are awesome.  I want one.  But it aint about championships - it's about having an awesome team and fighting the good fight.  And personally, I like that I rooted for the Knicks in the 90's and not Jordan and the Jordanaires.  Go ahead LeBron, go see if you can get a statue right next to MJ's outside the United Center.

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