Yeah, you.  Are you gonna be a Knicks fan no matter what happens this offseason? Yes? Then we can talk it out.  No? Then. Get. Off.  Of. My. Lawn.

Ultimately I think that nobody, on this site or elsewhere, has predicted or written a realistic situation about what is going to happen this offseason for the NYK, including myself (and I've written a few).  Where does that leave us?  Do we think about a world without Lebron as some sort of futuristic dystopia where Manhattan is filled with evil bald men in trenchcoats and flying cars and shit? Well, you shouldn't.  I was never a fan of the Knicks when they had the best player in the league, and I probably won't be for some time.

You probably think you know where this post is headed.   Having said that I think all predictions up to this point will be wrong, you are already imagining that I'm about to offer yet another prediction for what I think is going to happen.  But I won't.  The only thing I will predict is that I will still root for whoever wears the orange and blue next year, and I hope you will too.

Trade Gallo?  Please no.

Sign a Max FA just for the sake of it?  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE No.

Let's let this dish simmer for a little while longer.  We've finally cleared all of the gunk off of our iron skillet (not using soap, cuz that would ruin it).  We're only now starting to cook.  Why do we want a dish that can be made in five minutes?  Everyone knows the best tasting meal has to marinate for a while before the flavor kicks in.  We find ourselves in an enviable position, with so much cap space and a core of young players who we are both emotionally invested in and have a legitimate chance of actually panning out.  I can't even remember one moment when that was case for us before (granted, I became a fan when I was 8, and Ewing was already a star for us.)

You know how when you clean your room and you're finished and it's a big fucking deal because you haven't done it in a long time?  You stop, look around, and admire the cleanliness.  With the exception of Curry's contract, that's what we have now.  A clean, organized room.  Isiah left his office looking like this.  Now Walsh has made it look like this.  Let's just savor that fact for a little while before we go messing it up.

Sure, I'd like to fill the room with Eames chairs, Mies van der Rohe tables, and other sweet shit.  But I am not about to run out and buy those things from some sketchy Worldwide (Wes)tern Furniture outlet.  Who cares if its top quality?  It's probably stolen.

Look, I'm not saying if we can sign some top quality players we shouldn't.  I don't think our resident curmudgeon, stingy d, would even suggest that.  But we shouldn't fawn over our neighbor's belongings.  It just ain't classy.  Let's admire the things we have in our room, like the Italian boudoir (Gallo) and the sweet chaise lounge built for speed (TD).  Even the Volcano vaporizer (Chandler) is an enviable possession.

I know I didn't really come up with some crazy prediction for what's going to happen, and this post may or may not inspire a significant number of replies or recs, but I don't care.  That's not why I'm here.  I'm here for the chosen few out there who will read this and say, "Hell yeah, that chaise is sweet."

Now, like Gallo, go get a Knicks tattoo on your heart and enjoy the ride.

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