With all the talk about Tony Parker and a possible trade for him (I don't think he is being traded), here is a lineup that you guys will hate.

We get Parker, I have already proposed sign Duhon and Harrington and trading for him so I will stick with that.  If Sergio is renounced, we will have about 37 million, so Parker 's 13 million for next year would reduce us to about 24 million.  Then we re-sign David Lee (5 years, 50 million backloaded) So Lee would make 8 mil, that leaves 16 mil. If Toronto loses Bosh and they draft a Center (they have a decent shot at Whiteside) Bargnani probably will be shopped. We trade Chandler for him. Bargnani makes 8 mil next season so that leaves 8.  Next we sign Mike Miller for about 5 mil.  Then we use our MLE to sign Frye (about 4 million) and resign Barron.  This gives us:

Parker/ Douglas

Miller/ Walker


Lee/ Frye

Bargnani/ Barron

Our two draft picks and Curry.

Upside, if Parker is a bust he is an expiring contract, we don't re-sign him and his 13 mil plus Curry will put us about 26 mil under the Cap for 2011 (if the Cap is 58 mil).

This line up would be hated the minute Walsh put it together for the following reasons:

A) It fits D'Antoni's style. A guard who can push the ball (and is great in the pick and roll), Players who can shoot and spread the floor, Bigs who can run the floor and shoot, and a team with a collectively high basketball IQ.

B) After two years of waiting for Lebron James a line up featuring Tony Parker would seem like a cruel Joke.

C) On paper this team is so soft it could be used for bathroom tissue. Plus no one would believe D'Antoni could get that group to play defense.

D) Too many foreign players and too many guys not obviously athletic (Toronto Raptors light)

E) Marc Berman wouldn't understand it, neither would Peter Vescey

F) Parker is injury prone


H) If this team didn't make the playoffs and win at least one series, everybody would be calling for Donnie's and D'Antoni's heads.

Why this team might end up being loved.

When healthy Tony Parker is still an elite level point guard, and would thrive in D'Antoni's offense.  Also Parker could provide leadership to this group.  This line up would be a nightmare to guard most nights as there is a shooter/scorer everywhere you look on the floor.  And if Parker stays healthy, if D'Antoni gets this group to play a little defense, and convinces someone other than Lee to grab a few rebounds, this team will be difficult to beat on more nights than any Knick team has been in a decade.

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