"Time for the king to become an emperor!"



Without a doubt, NJ have the most impressive delegation in Jay-Z, Avery Johnson, & that billionaire owner Prokov whose well-known around the world.  


In fact, Prokov is just the kind of guy who will not only mentor LBJ into becoming a billionaire too (which is LBJ's ultimate goal - to become  the 1st billionaire athlete!) but also, 


may enable James to par-up with Kobe's popularity worldwide especially in China,  the world's largest population who's folks are crazier about basketball than here in the U.S.  (The U.S just has to many sports & other gigs that basketball is not dominant.) 


If James captures China's market the same way Kobe has, then James will really make tons of money. 


Add Europe, India, & other countries where Prokov is known, then LBJ will really have it with this guy!


Whereas Cleveland, it's owner is only known locally, everything LBJ will have in Cleveland is small time!  


Time for the king to leave his hometown & venture out to the world to greater heights & become an emperor!    


In Jay-Z & Avery Johnson, the Nets have the right combo of coach/entertainer [part-owner] to pursue LBJ versus NY or Chicago's delegation (not unless Chicago sends Obama, he, he, he).


As for Miami, no way will LBJ go there since it's truly "Wade's house."


Overall, Prokov was very smart in hiring Avery as it then increases the likelihood of other top free agents getting attracted to go to the Nets not only of Prokov's money & fame but also, of having such a coach to play for.



"But if LBJ really wants to win now.."


And also win many more down the road, then Boston's the right place to go to especially now that Pierce has opted out.   


With KG, Ray, Rondo, Perk, & the rest of the crew - that's the only team that can match LA for years to come as KG & Ray still has 3-4 years of basketball left in them, while Perk, Rondo & the other youngsters will be great teammates for a championship run for years to come.  


Once KG & Ray retires, then Boston can add replacements via free agency, trades, or drafts.


But if LBJ & Bosh goes to Chicago, Miami, & the Nets, they don't have skilled biggies to match the Lakers while LA will have Kobe & Artest to match well with LBJ & Wade in Miami, LBJ & Rose in Chicago, LBJ & say, Joe Johnson in NJ (as Prokov has tons of money to be able to sign Joe too.)


Inshort, only Boston has the complete team to match LA for years to come. 


Bottom line:  Winning is what ultimately increases a player's prestige, profile, marketability, PROFITABILITY, & global appeal (just ask MJ & Kobe) but Prokov may also do that for LBJ even without winning. 


Bottom line II: LBJ needs to get out of that small town if he really wants to conquer the world via winning (& par up with MJ & Kobe), or with hooking-up with someone like Prokov.


Indeed, it's time for the king to become an emperor either via winning, or via Prokov - he can really make LBJ a billionaire.  


If LBJ stays in Cleveland, the mockery will continue ("LeQueen cannot win") because that Cavs team is not championship caliber.  It's really then in LBJ's best interest to leave his hometown & venture out. 


In NJ, he can become a billioniare even without winning while in Boston, he can become a multiple champion like MJ & Kobe thereby increasing his stature & money-making ability, but he will have lesser money in Boston.


The ball then is truly in the king's court. 



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