Knicks Team, Assemble.

Afternoon, brothers. I figured for clarity's sake that I would summarize the perceived end (according to Donnie) of the Knick's march through that Free Aqency quagmire of 2010. If I repeat some of what you guys have already mentioned in the other fanposts (which I know that I am going to) it is not theft, it is a tribute to your ingenuity. Walker for the slam...

For starters, I cannot remember a time when I was more excited about the Knick's chances, even with the season so far off. Last year, it seemed like the attitude was where it needed to be, but contending with the remaining mercenaries and lack of talent/experience, results were going to be a let down. Fear not! Now NY has the outlook AND the talent to compete, and this is realistic optimism. You know the players:


Amare - not much has to be said about him that hasn't already been covered. He is a horse, and carries the intimidation factor in the paint that NY has not had this decade. Ink him for 24/9/1.8385 every night.

Randolph - A little electronic birdie told me that Saint Anthony is turning 21 in a few days. He is supposedly healthy again, jumps like a kangaroo on fire, and has a surprising apt ability to handle the ball. All of these front court folks can lead the break if necessary, and it's nice to see guys brought in who can play D'antoni's style of ball. Think of Lamar Odom here, but hooked on crack and testosterone instead of skittles. Check out any of his youtube clips, you'll notice his versatility right away. The Garden will love him. Break out year.

Felton - Maybe a little off here, but 3 yrs. $25million? Not bad at all, considering the a) essential need for a pg here b) the scarcity of available pgs this summer c) the fact that he is the BEST of the available pgs and d) the remaining flexibility of NY thanks to LeBrand's cowardice. Felton had his best year last year, shooting an impressive 46% from the field and 39% from 3pt land. Seems like he's been around awhile, right? He's only been 26 for 2 weeks. And switching from the Demon's offense to D'antoni's? Expect his 12 ppg and 5.6 assists to spike to 15 and 8, easy. Break out year.

Cock (just cause he's the man) - Put together a promising rookie year (i said it!) and flashed his versatility (no josh elliot; he is not just a 3-pt specialist). His endurance will be up knowing what it takes to get through a whole season, and he won't be losing crunch minutes to al harrington anymore. Break out year.

Supporting cast - We know Walker is working out in the sauna, and can jump and rain bombs. Chandler does everything either average or better, and ideally he's the 6th man who can play 3 positions and guard 4 of em. Gross. Safariaf is a high energy backup who can obviously rebound and block shots. Ke-Buike is a lockdown defender who happens to jack 'em up from 25 feet. His hunger is not for sandwiches, but to prove his time in the D-league was not a waste. TD will probably spin some at sg, mostly as a backup pg. Distressing to not see him given the chance to lead, but his time will no doubt come. No one cares less than Toney Douglas where or when he is playing; his job is to be ready at any moment.

So let's all take a page out of TD's book and be ready. This a complete team of young, talented players who can absolutely thrive in NY. The team is literally built to run this offense, and there could even be a few hidden gems. Maybe even a Barron or Curry sighting, who knows? Or a 7-foot Russian who loves the pick and roll. But next up, summer league to see who else can fit in here. Rautins almost certainly can, Strawberry and JJ v. 6.0 both will with some refinement. And a very important element is the remaining cap flexibility. Obviously we have Curry's expiring $11 million, and if Felton starts at about $7 million in year one, we have around $14 million to work with next summer? (assuming a very silly extension is not in the works). A more skilled capologist could give you the actual amount (help me out, Currence).

A final note, most of us agreed that we would rather spoil a legacy than support it. Why worship a king when you can overthrow him? LeBrick has given us a chance to make him look very foolish. Let's go after him...and this time, it ain't with a pen and paper.

And as always, beware those fair-weather fans.

I Love You,


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