Summer League thoughts

Well summer league has come and gone. I saw almost all of every game, and here are some thoughts on what I saw.


The Rookies


Landry Fields - When I first saw him my first impression was....he reminds me of Rick Fox. After watching all the games he looks more talented in every phase of the game than Rick Fox. He can shoot, he plays smart and is always in the right spot. The tip in against Washington showed his hops and he was able to get to the rim in nearly every game.

He shot the ball better than I thought he could, and after really not liking his handle after game one it seemed to come around a little and he was able to take people off the dribble and get to the rim. If he develops this could be one of the steals in Knicks draft history.

Jerome Jordan - Raw, raw, raw. That about sums him up. He showed his length, he showed the ability to defend at times. The man is an athlete that is for sure but he needs to grow into his body and develop an offensive game. Looks like the type of player who once he learns to play is shot blocking defender, offense would be a bonus.

Andy Rautins - If his strength was shooting...I didn't see it. I am a big time Syracuse fan and saw him play in college and still believe his shot will come around. He made some mental mistakes on defense in rotations but it is summer league, gotta think that will come around as well. He showed good athleticism but was often a guy you didn't even know was on the floor, he didn't make much of an impact after the first game.

I originally thought of him as a more athletic JJ Redick - and I need to take a step back from that a little. He has to show he can shoot the rock before we can place that tag on him. He does some of the other little things well - he looks like a good passer and could be a decent defender but he is here to shoot so that has to develop, and I think (hope) it will.

Guys we know


Toney Douglas - Probably the best player for the knicks in summer league (though you can make an argument for Landry Fields). He showed an improved shot and alot of scoring ability. Would like to see him distribute more, but it was summer league so maybe that will come. Or maybe he will be like a Vinny Johnson and just be instant offense off the bench, we need to see what his role is going to be. If they want an offensive point they got one. If they want a pass first point as a backup he needs to grow into that

Bill Walker - We all know what he did last year and he impressed us all. He looked lean and fast in summer league but had a few off games.'s summer league and I would put more weight on what we saw last year than what we say in summer league this year. Can he continue to develop, can he continue to shoot the ball well and will he be able to defend without picking up a ton of fouls. Like what I saw and for a guy coming off the bench he can certainly help i think.

There were some other guys like Patrick Ewing Jr who was the last guy cut a couple years back, Marcus Landry who played for us last year. Neither of these guys I think is making the team. Patrick might get an invite to camp but will probably lose out because of the numbers game. He was pretty impressive and shot the ball better than I remember him doing. If any of the other guys has a shot at making the team i think he does, but i just don't think there is going to be room for him.

Overall summer league was fun to watch and it's good to see Knicks basketball again. the talent in summer league was impressive and the growth potential of these guys along with the guys we already have it also something to finally look forward too. can't wait for the season to start and see these guys play when it counts!

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