my dream for this summer. *does not involve lebron*

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So, of course pulling Lebron, Wade and Bosh in free agency would be very awesome. But I just don't think that's likely. I'd honestly prefer to see Lebron in Chicago, because that offers him the best opportunity to win (although don't discount the Clippers; Baron Davis, Air Gordon, Bron, Blake Griffin, and Zombie Kaman would be one heck of a starting lineup) and I want to see him want to win. I want winning to be the most important thing to Lebron so that he can be a truly great top 5 all-time type of guy, because I like seeing greatness.


So that leads me to my dream summer in order of importance

1. Resign David Lee. I place a high value on the personality of players, and his consistent improvement year in and year out illustrates a hard working guy that is committed to improvement. I think he's got the mindset of a champion and does everything he can to improve his game. He can most certainly be a valuable piece in creating a winning culture.


2. Bring in Kevin Pritchard as our GM. The guy has a proven track record of sound moves (Ok, how many good small forwards are there in the league? Like a million. How many good centers? 5 maybe. Nobody knew Durant would develop into quite the dominant force he's become so you can't blame him for that. Oden was the safe pick.) Donnie can still be the pres. Of bball ops. But Pritchard knows what he's doing and would be a great asset to the office.


3. draft picks. With Pritchard as the GM let's give him some opportunities to add to the talent of our main core of Gallo and Lee. I'd be cool with taking a bad contract or two for the year if it meant some nice picks along with them. But let's start trying to build this thing the right way, like they did in Portland and OKC.


4. Most unlikely thing but could try really, really hard to trade for Chris Paul? Yeah, I'd really like that a lot.


That's my dream wish list. If all the writers are dreaming up wacky scenarios, why shouldn't I?



Brendan Haywood or Tyson Chandler? Obviously we need a center, and those are probably the two best options on the market. Who do you like? I think I'd give a slight edge to Chandler because he seems like a better shot blocker to me, but I'm definitely no expert on Haywood, maybe he's got the chops. That's why I'm asking you.


What's up with Kirk Hinrich? Surely the Wizards don't need him. Gilbert, and Wall already more than cover the PG spot for them. I think Captain Kirk would thrive in the run n gun. He's a decent defender, big for a point, good shooter, and a good passer. Plus he showed a lot of character in the Derek Rose situation. Plus he worked a lot with Team USA, and is kind of familiar with SSOL.


Matt Barnes is a free agent again. He's a guy who's played for the Knicks and D'antoni, albeit separately, but he's familiar with everything and would help our defense tremendously. We could get him on the cheap and him and Gallo would provide good contrast at the 3 spot.

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