Knowledge Reel + Points of Discussion

Hey, you.  You're not even 20, right?  Do you remember what it's like for the Knicks to bust shit up?  If you don't, here are the clips as evidence.  EVIDENCE.


To be followed by a discussion of current events.  Knick-related.


In the meantime, however, this is the only Bible that should be in school.  Check it.

Startin' it with some thick ass gangsta shit.  MASE!

Let's take it back a step, for a clip.  0:17 - 0:23 are a delight.

The only King that NYC will ever need, believe me:

90's again, everyone.  It's time for some Starks.  His opening shot is all you need to know.

Finally, this may be my last truly amazing memory as a Knick fan:


Soak those moments in for a second, even if you've seen em before.


Now let's think about what we've got.  I've already laid out my thoughts regarding each individual Knick going into this season in another fanpost, but I haven't really put together my thoughts on the team as a whole until now.

POINT NUMBER ONE: First of all, let's consider one major point: at each position, we are two deep in players that Knicks fans want to see on the floor.

PG: Felton, Douglas

SG: Azubuike, Walker

SF: Gallo, Chandler

PF: Amare, Randolph

C: Turiaf, Mozgov

If you think Landry Fields, for one, has a better shot at breaking the top-10 than Mozgov, say, then just bump up the top half of those players.

Is that not awesome??!!! We no longer have to deal with walking expiring contracts, overpaid wanna-be's, or Qyntel Woods.  Don't get me wrong, I love Qyntel.  But this is a powerful moment in recent Knicks history.

POINT NUMBER TWO: We have defenders on the roster who also contribute on offense.  Felton, Douglas, Azubuike, Chandler, Randolph, Turiaf.  Each of these players can be considered a plus defender.  Gallo, Amare, and Walker have also shown flashes of doing well at that end.  Gallo's desire to guard the other team's star at the end of last season is evidence of his particular development.  

In any case, the Knicks (as currently constructed) are arguably better on the defensive end than any team D'Antoni has had in his career.  It's a team that can get up and down extremely quickly, with numerous players capable of defending multiple positions on the break.

POINT NUMBER THREE: The average age of our current roster is 23.75.  THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC.  Next year, if we keep everyone, the average age will still be under 25.  Players peak around 27-29.  We have a lot of solid young chips on our roster, two of which (Gallo and Randolph) are 21.  I don't want to see half of these guys go in a trade for anyone.  I'd MUCH rather see these guys re-signed to large contracts after we add another major FA next summer.  Which is totally legitimate, possible, and the best way to build a long term contender.  You get 2-3 centerpieces and build around them as early as possible.  We may already have 2-3 centerpieces in Amare, Gallo, and Randolph, and could possibly add a surer thing next summer.  Why tweak now?  I'm going to repeat my past mantra: Say no to bad contracts.


And yeah drugs are fine.  Comments!

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