Who Should Be Amare's First Posterized Victim At MSG?

So Amar'e Stoudemire is the first big name domino to fall and has officially become a part of the New York Knicks and I couldn't be any more excited. Some of you may know that I recently posted my Who Would You Punch thread to shed some light on NBA players, Analyst etc that I would have like to of course punch. I wanted to do the same type of thing with this thread. We all know that Amar'e has had some vicious dunks in 2010 and its pretty much inevitable that there is gonna be a list of unhappy customers victimized by him in the upcoming season. Imagine the first victim in Madison Square Garden... Its gonna be crazy inside that place when it happens. I came up with 5 unlucky souls that I am wishing gets slammed on by Amar'e and here it is the list... 





5. John Wall, Washington Wizards



Something about this guy bugs me. I'm a huge fan for "bust" and I've been praying that the title attaches itself to this pipsqueak more sooner then later. That dance especially makes me cringe. I know Wall isn't the most impressive physical specimen that's ever graced the court and I know that if he seen Amar'e getting airborne he would probably be smart enough not to challenge him but one can still hope. I'd love to see Amar'e run through this freshman sensation and welcome him to the NBA the right way. Welcome to the real world jackass.





4. Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls


Before you ask, no this is not Cheryl Miller. This is indeed Joakim Noah, the same man who has an 20 dollar bounty on his head in the factory riddled city of Cleveland just to show how worthless he really is. His character speaks for itself, he doesn't care what people (including me) say or think and he can get very boisterous on the court. He likes to go on rampages and holler after playoff wins and such which is fine but what I'm craving is his reaction to being sent into the crowd and cameramen after Amar'e knocks him out of his shoes. Dont lose your scrunchy after wards Noah.




3. Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Boston Celtics


You thinking what I'm thinking? What a fat slob. Its a shame because I actually liked him on LSU but ever since Boston got a hold of him things went sour. The more and more I payed attention to him the more I realize how utterly retarded he is. Not to mention the dog drool that came streaming out of his foul mouth like Niagara Falls. If Amar'e put him on his ass I'd take immense pleasure out of it. I think I would find this more satisfying if it was to happen on the road at TD Garden. Yeah, that sounds wonderful. 


God I hate this retard. 




2. Anderson Varejao, Cleveland Cavaliers


Varejao comes in just short from being number 1. He makes a great target because he's basically weak. He's always being taken advantage of and personally I see him as the softest player currently in the league. This picture is too familiar when it comes to him, we always see him getting abused and for me it never gets old. Wade of course used him like a crash test dummy and sent him literally sliding into post of the rim with so much force that his legs actually flew behind his head and hit the post as well. Im not taking anything away from Wade but if he could do this imagine the possibilities of what Amar'e could do to him. R.I.P. Varejao.






Just wanted to scare you. Moving on shall we?






1. Chris Bosh, Toronto Raptors


What do we have here... A homo Canadian cowboy, great. Chris Bosh lands the number one spot and not for obvious reasons. I know most people have lost gallons of respect for Bosh this off season but that is not why he clocks in at number one on my Christmas list. I know some people wanted the younger, less injury prone Bosh over the slightly older Stoudemire with an injury rap sheet on his bio. I would take great pride in Amar'e victimizing Bosh just so the people who doubt him can gain some respect for him and welcome him with open arms. Amar'e WOULD crush on Bosh. Players around the league have already been mentioning Bosh as one of the softer players in the NBA. We dont need softness on our team. If we aren't gonna play defense we should at least play aggressive, smash mouth, intimidating offense and Stoudemire allows us to somewhat accomplish that. So when these two go toe to toe, I'd love to see Amar'e bang on him, over him and through him more then anything and finally get the respect he deserves.











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