Amare, you will love him.

Hello,  Knick fans!

30 year Suns fan, oops that is now 40 years! (Damn getting old sux, but I digress)

Here is an unsophisticated Suns fan opinion of Amare.


I watch Amare since I he joined the Suns, and what happened to his game under Nash and D'antoni.

He was all of 19 in his first year with the Suns, turned 20 just before his first game. He had overcome a terrible upbringing to join the NBA. ( and still has family issues, where just recently his mother was arrested again). I remember hearing his life story and  thinking during the draft, this guy has what it takes to be great in the NBA.

Young with unparalleled athleticism, I remember with a basketball AHhhh that his ability to jump was unbelievable; in preseason seeing his hand high with the ball  over the top of the backboard on its way to a dunk. It was an OMG moment. Unfortunately, he can no longer jump that high, But, as I am sure you have seen, he can still dunk on anyone.

When he played with Marbury and coach Frank Johnson,  In his rookie year 2003 when he was Rookie of the Year, they were bad, total bad chemistry and bad coaching. Statistically, ok for everyone, but could not win games, which I blame Marbury on court decision making. And then came Steve OMG Nash, and seven-seconds-or-less...

At this point, the Suns stormed the NBA, basketball was fun to watch, and Steve Nash was a smaller version of Magic Johnson, and point guards started ruling the game. And AMARE became what he is today, 6 '10'' 250 pound dunking machine, which no big in the league could handle.


Here is where I differ with all mainstream view of Amrea, Amare plays defense, and plays it well. He does not play as well as his offense, but his offense is GREAT, while his D is OK.

So, this view that he doesn't is just plain wrong. (BTW: this is the view of the entire Suns team, it simply is not true.) Why do people think this,

1. When you play on the best offensive team in the league, then defense is almost never going to look as good.

2. Team defense is the only way to stop great players, therefore Amare looks bad when other team members miss there assignments. And he takes the blame. I have seen this over and over during games.

3. There is sacrifice for position when you play the 7sol offense (There are no titles without D'antoni fixing this problem.)

While Amare defense is OK, he knows it can be better. And he is putting time into it. (So if, DAntoni doesn't mend his ways, I expect you all to be cursing this lack of D by the end of next year.)


Having read here, and in the papers, your team has not had a guy like this in years. You will be HAPPY!

Offense is Amare's strength.  And he is GREAT!.

But few give him the credit he deserves, nor understand the sacrifice he makes on a team with Steve OMG Nash. Steve Nash distributes the ball. He gets everyone shots in positions they can score. It is hard to believe when you do not watch him night in and night out, but Steve is simply incredible. Steve Nash teams have lead the league in offense almost every year since he became a starter.

With Steve distributing the ball, Amare gets fewer touches. If the offense goes thru Amare, then hecould have 40  point nights often, and  lead the league in points. Also,  he plays in the unbelievably tough west conference where we have few dog teams to smoke. And Amare is the focus of opposing teams D every night. Think on that when you look at the stats.

Another criticism on Amare is that he cannot create, and that he needs a point guard to get him the ball. OR that he will not be great without Nash. This perception is valid, but it is by know means certain or accurate. This is a team sport, bigs do not bring the ball up court, therefore all bigs get the ball thrown to them. PERIOD. The fact that Steve OMG Nash is the best passer and makes everyone around him look good, does not automatically make Amare worse without him.

In NY, he will have a chance to shine, to prove he can play without Nash, that it can be his team, that he can lead a team nigh-in night-out, that his defense is great, that he is the best big man in the league. I think he can do it.

Amare is a disciplined athlete,  a good defended, a GREAT offensive player. He is one of the top three power forwards in the league. His game is pure fun to watch, poster-izing defenders all the time. Great outside shot. Blocks shots. Rebounds. Runs the floor well.

I will miss him.

You will love him.

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