"F*ck you Lebron" - Me

I'm angry at all this FA BS and Lebron and everyone else in the world.  More after the jump.

Something in my Knicks fandom will die if Lebron decides to join the Knicks.  Did I want him to be here?  Sure.  He would've made the Knicks better, obviously.  But the way Lebron's been going about the past week, I now want him to sign with the Heat then blow out every knee ligament imaginable.  Fuck you Lebron.

I feel bad for Cleveland

Let's take the Knicks out of the equation for a second, what the fuck are you doing to your fans in Cleveland?  To those people who've supported you and loved you and cheered for you?  Those fans deserve better then all of this.  All they wanted was a superstar to cheer for and you alienated them over the past year, let alone past week, with all this FA speculation. 

You basically gave them the middle finger for a year straight, telling them, 'I might leave so enjoy me while you can', then you set up a TV special in which one of two things will happen this Thursday: 1. You rip out the hearts of innocent Cleveland fans or 2. You say 'gotcha' to a whole nation and alienate all other fan bases with your posturing.  Either way, you come off as a egomanical jerk. 

Look at Wade

From the start, he's wanted to stay on the Heat, despite their depleted core, and brought Bosh with him.  He's commited to winning on a team that's had no where near the level of success Cleveland has had in the past 3 years.  If Lebron had shown the same willingness to stick with Cleveland, they had an opportunity to grab a real player last year during the trade deadline, but he didn't.

I will miss us sucking

 You heard right.  I'm going to miss the last 10 years of suckdom.  Why?  Because it showed who the real Knick fans were.  The ones who cheered Moochie Norris' afro.  The ones who cheered for a rotation that included Shanon Anderson and Howard Eisley.  The ones who cheered for Al and Othello Harrington.  The ones who cheered for ZBo and saw Jamal light it up once a year.  The ones who wanted Frank Williams to start at PG.  The ones who cheered for Skita on the Summer League team.  The ones who saw David Lee and Nate Robinson grow up into legit NBA players.  The past 10 years sucked, but I always knew who the real fans were. 

Now, if we get Lebron?  I'll still know the real fans, but I also know the bandwagon is coming in full force.  I know that I'll only be able to afford/able to go to one game in the 400 section.  I know that people will come up to me to talk Knicks and all they'll really want to talk about is Lebron.  I know that a little part of my hardcore fandom will die.

In the end

I have no idea what will happen.  But I do know how I'll feel depending on what happens after tomorrow at 10PM.  And I know in the end I just want the Knicks to get better. 

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