Holding My Hands Over My Ears And Saying "LALALALA" Very Loudly

So, I mean, you jump at the chance to get a star like Carmelo Anthony, right?  I mean, you just do what needs to be done, right?  That's the smart move, right?

I don't know.  Personally, I'm not convinced at how awesome Melo is supposed to be.  Yes, he's a huge star and a big NBA personality.  But there's something about him - it seems like people pull for him and like him as this sort of anti-LeBron figure.  I always hear about how maybe Melo is better than LeBron.... but I wonder if the guy is a bit of a high-volume scorer that isnt as efficient as a great player should be and doesn't play defense like a great player should.

I can't control any of this shit anyhow.  I'll just close my eyes and let Mr. Walsh do what he thinks is best, and I'll root for the team.

But I really want to see this team, as currently constructed, play, and here are some reasons why:

Raymond Felton:  I like the guy's personality.  He's thought of as second tier, but he labored under the Demon Coach.  Basically he's pretty much 100% guaranteed to be better than Duhon, and is pretty likely to be a more satisfying floor leader than anyone they've had since Ward/Childs.  And those couple of games when Frank Williams looked pretty good.

Gallo: He's the cock.  He's a little awkward looking, looks a little cross-eyed sometimes, and seems to have a fire in his belly to score and defend and do all sorts of other basketball things.  I've grown to love our homegrown draft pick.  He's a Knick.  He's not a Nugget.

Amar'e:  Relegated to 4th fiddle in the 2010 sweepstakes, the guy didn't wait to see what his friends were doing - he just went and signed with the Knicks - then went to Israel to get himself enlightened before he commences dunking basketballs.  Others partied in Vegas.

Turiaf: Dude just exudes.  Whatever it is, he exudes it.  A vertiable fountain of positive team energy.  With defensive skills.  And actual center size.

Randolph:  Really, the reason I'm so excited is because the guy reminds me of Camby.  Now, I'm sure he'll be less than Camby in some ways, more in others, but I really want to see this guy play for the Knicks.

Azubuike:  This guy played behind Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis, and seemingly has done nothing but good things on both ends of the court.  And yet, he is not thought of as a premiere player.  It would be awesome if this guy got a chance to show what he's got.  Efficient shooting, defensive prowess.  To me, he seems to be an undervalued player.

Wilson Chandler:  Oh yeah, he's almost an afterthought, but the guy impressed me last year.  Silent Wil has skills.  I think this guy can come off the bench at the 2, 3, or 4 and drive and get us buckets, and then defend anyone on the court.

I really think we don't need no Nugget, and if we're going to win 50 games I'd rather it be with these guys than with some famous guy that thinks New York is awesome.


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