Dedication To The Don


Don- The head of an organized crime family. Donnie Walsh has rebuilt this team from the ground up and we don't give him enough credit for it. From 2008-Present he has been making moves putting us in the best position possible to make this franchise better. He has given us the opportunity to sign he who shall not be named and after being let down he bounced back with extraordinary deals that gave us something to be excited about. Lets take a look at The Don's years with the New York Knicks and everything he's accomplished. Just give it a read, no need to comment, Its a dedication! I've pulled out my photo editing bag of tricks for this one!




















April 2nd- Donnie Walsh name President of Basketball Operations

April 18th- Head Coach Isiah Thomas fired

May 13th- Mike D'antoni named Head Coach

June 21st- Phil Weber and Dan D'antoni named Assistant Coaches

June 26th- Drafted Danilo Gallinari #6 Overall 

July 10th- Chris Duhon signed

July 24th- Anthony Roberson signed

October 23rd- Third year option on Wilson Chandler and fourth year option on Mardy Collins exercised.



November 7th- Allan Houston named Assistant to the President of Basketball Operations


November 21st- Jamal Crawford traded to Warriors for Al Harrington 


November 21st- Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins traded to the Clippers for Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley


In Donnie's first year of  business he immediately started slowly turning this franchise around. First order of business, fire Isiah Thomas. Who wasn't excited to see that guy split? After that wonderful move he worked his magic once again, landing Suns Head Coach Mike D'antoni. Getting D'antoni to come was huge, if we didn't land D'antoni would we have Amare? My guess is no. Amare loves the city but playing for D'antoni in his system played a bigger part then the city did in my opinion. He also drafted The Cock, everyone loves cock! When we drafted him I was stunned. Who? Look how he turned out, a nice young fella getting better by the second. Don't forget about how Donnie shipped away the products of Mr. Thomas. He began ridding this team of the rotting stench that Thomas left behind the second he stepped his foot in the door. He waited little time to get things done. Out with the old in with the new.




February 19th- Malik Rose and Cash traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Chris Wilcox

February 19th- Tim Thomas, Jerome James and Anthony Roberson traded to the Chicago Bulls for Larry Hughes

February 24th- Knicks buy out Stephon Marbury for 2.2M less of his original contact

June 25th- Acquired the Los Angeles Lakers 1st round pick (#29) for a 2011 2nd round pick and cash considerations




June 25th- Drafted Jordan Hill #8 Overall

June 25th- Drafted Toney Douglas #29 Overall

June 25th- Quentin Richardson and cash considerations traded to the Memphis Grizzlies for Darko Milicic

December 19th- Jonathan Bender signed


Who's turn is it to take out the trash? Apparently it's Donnie Walsh's turn and he did a damn good job at it. Take a look at those names he's rid us of in 2009. Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Malik Rose etc. He may have took those items of garbage out to the dumpster but he's also invited some trash in our house as well. Jordan Hill, Larry Hughes, Chris Wilcox etc. These are the type of players that brings Francis The Vomiting Man back out of his cave but they served a greater purpose. Donnie knew these guys weren't gonna win us anything and they were basically pawns. Pieces to ditch at the first chance available. Bravo to him for drafting Toney Douglas though as he is the only worthy name on that 2009 list. Some of you may argue that Marbury wasn't trash but... He's rubbish and deserved the trash stamp! So 2009 was the year of the trash, we disposed of Isiah's trash but signed some garbage as well. If I ever have a cat I think I'll name it garbage, I like that.





















February 17th- Darko Milicic traded for Brian Cardinal

February 18th- Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry traded to the Boston Celtics for Eddie House, J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker and 2nd round pick

February 18th- Jared Jeffries, Larry Hughes, Jordan Hill, a right to swap 2011 1st round picks with Houston and a 2012 Top 5 protected 1st round pick traded for Tracy Mcgrady and Sergio Rodriguez

February 19th- Brain Cardinal waived

April 2nd- Earl Barron signed

April 5th- Cuttino Mobley waived










The Don got the job done for us in the beginning of 2010 coming up with two huge trades on the Trade Deadline. The Nate deal was essential since we came up with a hidden gem in Bill Walker. If Donnie didn't make that deal Bill Walker would still be a nobody in our minds and in the minds of the Celtics organization. Walker was basically thrown into the deal, same as Giddens. House was supposed to be the main prize but we discovered something far better which is why Walker is still a part of our roster and House isn't. Nice job pulling the trigger on that deal Donnie but wait, there's more! The Mcgrady deal was huge! We had to dump Jeffries somewhere if we wanted enough money to sign two max free agents this off season and Walsh rid us of that loser. Jerome James and Jared Jeffries both had to go, it was pivotal that they weren't a part of the Knicks after the trade deadline. He sprung, and i mean sprung into action and got rid of both of those epic failures. The Mcgrady and Nate trades were like buzzer beaters in Game 7 of the Finals, they were great moves by Donnie. We not only got rid of trash but we also got money for the free agency and Bill Walker in the process. Great first half for The Don, but things get even better!







June 24th- Knicks draft Andy Rautins #38 and Landry Fields #39

July 8th- Amare Stoudemire signed to a 5 year contract worth 100M

July 8th- David Lee traded to Warriors for Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azubuike, Ronny Turiaf and a 2012 2nd round pick

July 9th- Raymond Felton signed to a 3 year contract worth 25M, 3rd year non-guaranteed

July 13th- Timofey Mozgov signed to a 3 year contract worth 10M, only first year guaranteed


Look at what he have here, it isn't what we all originally wanted but its still quality additions that made me wet my knickers. When he who shall not be named decided to take his talents to south beach, The Don was watching a movie (1997's Hoodlum) but quickly put Plan B in action. Though Plan B may not be completely over and done with, here is what Walsh has currently snatched for us. 5 of these players can actually be a starting five as Turiaf, Amare, Randolph, Azibuike and Felton can be a successful lineup. Now add Mozgov and the pieces already on our team and you got yourself an upcoming contender. Not only has he gotten us these guys but we are still in the position to sign Carmelo Anthony. Lets say melo extends with Denver, ok that sucks but we still have money money money moooooney...MONEY! That being said, no matter how we do next season we'll have the money to get even better. Plus a bunch on non-guaranteed and expiring contracts for when Chris Paul and Deron Williams hit the market. We are in place to keep getting better and better. From we suck to holy f**k, Donnie we salute ya!




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