Just noticing the rumors of Carmelo possibly opting to not sign the extension....and chris pauls recent declaration of getting out of NOLA....i was playing around with the trade machine....found out a way we can grab both paul and carmelo without taking any terrible contracts

Now let me be the first to tell you i am very content and excited about the product we can put on the floor this season.  Im thinking a 5th or 6th seed with the team as is.....however i feel like if you have the chance to acquire a 'big 3' you jump at it. ....


im not getting hyped im just throwing out the possibility:

now of course you have to throw around draft picks and trade exceptions....and donnie would have to find a way to fill the roster but if all that could be done...this trade honestly makes the most sense


NY KNICKS: Get thier men....carmelo and chris paul...pair them with amare and youve got a beast in the've still got felton, douglass, and walker chillin on the rautins...fields...and jordan...thats a pretty solid and contributive bench...especially with the starting 5 we would be donning...


DEN NUGGETS: they get their center that they have desperately needed for years in okafor...they get games posey a guy who can stretch the floor with his shooting and a solid defender...they also get gallinari a future star and wilson chandler who i see becoming a poor man's scottie pippen one day...They could still be contenders especially with the leadership of george karl and chauncey billups


NO HORNETS: They get a shit load of cap relief....all their incoming contracts are expiring (37.1 millions worth), and they rid themselves of okafors and poseys monstrous contracts....pair that with peja's expiring contract as well as songalia and julian wright and they have a clean slate to work with...your talking 40ish million of cap room to play with....which they can use to build around collison/thornton/and david west...they also get anthony randoph who is an exciting young talent who they would probably be inclined to resign.


what do u guys think of this trade...i think with picks thrown around..the rights to foreign players..and trade exceptions this trade makes plenty of sense...

That is if donnie could fill out the roster following this trade....however it is a dream...and could be a longshot to get realized..but imagine the possibilities if we can grab our big 3 too

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