Carmelo Collage! New Info


I've been doing my usual web surfing at various blogs and of course I've stumbled on tons of Carmelo Anthony goodness. Here are some new delicious tidbits as the drama of The Carmelo Road Trip unfolds.

Been checking out Tommy Dee's Twitter and came across some helpful information.

Source close to the situation: "#melo still has every intention of battling Miami as a Knick"

yeah, everything I hear is that they are not sold he'll extend there [Nets]. And the nuggs really want Harris? Really?

As we told you, the #nets aren't convinced Melo will extend thus are hesitant to include Lopez in the deal. they aren't sure Melo will extnd

Melo wants to battle the Heat as a Knick? Nuggets want Harris? Nets thinking twice about trading for him? All of these make me tingle with happiness. I know some of you guys don't like Carmelo but I do and if it's true that he wants to come here and battle Miami that would be great. Reviving that rivalry would be the best thing that's happened to this league since Gatorade. Everyone thought LBJ coming to New York was the best thing for the NBA but this would be even better, especially if Chris Paul landed here in a couple of years. Is Amare, Melo, Paul > Lebron, Wade, Bosh? It would be nice to watch. For all of those worried about him being traded to the Nets maybe these tweets can bring sunshine to your cloudy day. Personally I think he doesn't want to sign in NJ but he would if that's the only way to get his paper. He'll have to make a decision, money and shitty team that would get nowhere or less money (made up in endorsements) and a team that can make some noise.

What does Jon Rothstein of MSG Network know?

According to one report, the Nets are not willing to include Brook Lopez in an attempt to trade for Carmelo Anthony. But New Jersey's offer of Devin Harris, Derek Favors and draft picks may still give the Nuggets the best pieces in return for Anthony.

The Nuggets have had discussions with the Bulls that center around Luol Deng and Taj Gibson.

The Warriors may offer Stephen Curry, Andris Biedrins and draft picks but are not sure that they will make Curry available.

The Clippers are called a long shot with Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon the likely two targets whom Denver would look to acquire.

It seems like the Nets are willing to give away some "good pieces". Favors could be a bust so the Nuggets would take a risk with him and Devin Harris isn't all that great. The stars of this offer are the 32 1st round picks they have and how many they're willing to give away. That's the main lure but they are still unsure whether would extend there or not. If you want to give it up Nets fine by me, but when he skates to the Knicks will the fans call for Prokhorov's head? Bulls, Warriors and Clippers!?!? These are some pretty good offers, enough to beat out the Nets and their unlimited amount of 1st round picks? Maybe so but we'll soon see. This thing is getting deeper and deeper. It seems like another three teams come out with offers every day. Read Full Article Here

Kings making push?

"If and when the Denver Nuggets commit to a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Kings will thrust themselves into the conversation. Count on it," writes Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee.

"That said, Joe and Gavin Maloof have been consistent about two things: (1) They are not interested in adding role players to eat up the salary cap space they've finally created; and (2) They are absolutely interested in a game-changer type of player, someone who puts fannies in the seats and affects the won-loss percentage."

Via Sacramento Bee



Nuggets to meet with Carmelo soon


Nuggets vice president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri said Tuesday that he's been in contact with Carmelo Anthony and plans to meet with him soon.

"I think I'm going to convince him to be a Nugget," Ujiri said, smiling. "No, I don't know, I can't make a judgment on that. Like I said, it's a process and until he tells me that ... we want him back, the city wants him back, ownership wants him back."

Read Full Article Here

This is should be enough to satisfy everyone's Carmelo hunger for now.


Update : Carmelo Anthony has officially sold his Colorado home

Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony and his newlywed TV-personality La La Vazquez sold their 6-acre spread in the Polo Ridge Estates, a residential community in Littleton, Colorado.


With a whopping $12 million price tag, Melo's home was on sale for $9.5 million. The mansion included: a 21,000-plus square-foot main house, a 5,500-square-foot barn and paddock, and a 1,600-square foot guest house. The main quarters includes eight bedrooms, seven fireplaces, 15 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a 3,000-square- foot  recording studio, theater, gym, seven-car garage and a 54-foot-long pool.

Read Full Article Here

He appeared on MTV cribs not too long ago, here is the video. Takes a bit of buffering but this mansion is amazing. He must be getting something even better to sell something this sweet. There are two parts of the video so when the first half finishes, the second half will automatically begin buffering.

                MTV Cribs - MTV Shows

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