So Much To Talk About : Randolph, Felton, Azubuike And Turiaf

Has anyone seen these "So Much To Talk About" videos? I hope I'm not super super late on these but anytime one of our players speak I listen and I listen clearly!


Anthony Randolph

These videos are a bit old but I couldn't help to notice that he said Randolph was the starting PF. This is after we got Amare and the same exact time we got Turiaf so maybe MDA and Walsh haven't gotten around to figuring out a lineup. We all assumed Turiaf was starting at Center but if Randolph really is going to be starting at the 4 then Amare is our starting Center without a doubt. He says MDA and Walsh sat down with him and told him he was a PF but he never once said anything about them giving him the nod of being in the starting five.


Raymond Felton

Dan D'Antoni! Besides being one of the coolest names to ever roll off my tongue he also coached Felton earlier in his basketball career. You can see once Dan's name was mentioned Felton lit up like a tree on Christmas night. It's good to see Felton able to come in and automatically have someone on the coaching staff to bond with and use for support. He said he's comfortable playing for Dan and he also acknowledged that our system fits his style perfectly. I was hoping he wouldn't take this chance for granted and realize that this system was made for players with his ability. There's a red flag though, he's BFF's with THE Larry Brown... The Chair or The Chamber? It's a coin flip.


Kelenna Azubuike

I had no idea Kelenna was so cool. What makes him so cool? I have no clue; I just got a cool guy vibe from him while watching this video. Unfortunately I think this may be a one-and-done spot for Kelenna.  Him being an unrestricted free agent really dampers any excitement I want to have for the guy. Not to mention his injury may result in very minor playing time. Another thing I'm worrying about is how he plays after coming back from the injury, he may play lack luster due to him not actually being back to 100%. Then he signs elsewhere and gets back to his normal self and becomes even more of an athletic beast. Thoughts like these keep me from getting overly optimistic about his future with the Knicks. I'd package him for that guy playing near the mountains... 


Ronny Turiaf

Turiaf is the most evil, nicest person I have ever seen. He has such an evil glare and it scares me. He seems very confident in himself. He wants to help the team on defense and he knows what he brings to the table.

I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge, I know what I bring to the table, I know what I can and can't do and I will stick to what I I know I can do very well

I'm so glad to hear that, I really hope we don't try to develop this guy. We don't have to make him shoot jumpers and up his free throw percentage and all that stuff. We need energy and a defensive presence and that's exactly what he brings. He also said he was glad he didn't have to go up against Amare any longer, I'm sure every big man would rather play with Amare than against him. He's a Wookiee!


Again, sorry if these videos have been watched countless times before but I've just recently seen them. 

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