you know what i'm talkin' about.


by all accounts our new new york knicks have been working hard, and working together (for the most part) all summer. there are a few players who have been missing. most obviously is eddy curry, most reasonably is kelenna azubuike, and most notably is timofey mozgov.


mozart gets his hair raked to perfection.




all in all, it has been encouraging to hear about our guys working together on a daily basis. toney douglas sounds like a gym rat, amar'e stoudemire is said to be in the gym at dawn, raymond felton has clearly been working hard. anthony randolph has been working on his jumper while adding muscles. gallinari actually being able to work on his game, rather than rehab his back, is exciting. wilson chandler is surely elevating his specimen (pause). bill walker has lost 20 some-odd pounds in hopes of increasing his quickness and athleticism. the guys are rallying around each other, and the outlook is very encouraging. training camp is still about a week away, and these guys have been working collectively and individually since the las vegas summer league! 


i haven't written anything in a very long time, sorry if it 'uckin sucks. but if you're still with me- let's keep it going. perhaps we'll generate a pretty interesting conversation.

last year's training camp roster looks utterly ridiculous. oh, here it is now:


  • warren carter
  • wilson chandler
  • joseph crawford 
  • edward curry
  • toney douglas
  • christopher duhon
  • danilo gallinari
  • alvin harrington
  • jordan hill
  • lawrence hughes
  • christopher hunter
  • jared jeffries
  • david lee
  • darko milosevic
  • cuttino mobley
  • gabriel pruitt
  • nathaniel robinson

i mean, hell... it's practically a who's who of pure filthy reeking hot garbage. darko is a joke, nate robinson is a jester. toney douglas and jordan hill were frighteningly green. cuttino mobley was told to leave under some pretty flukey circumstances. larry hughes, al harrington and chris duhon are downright putrid stinking maggot infested rotting dead ox rectums. chris hunter, joe crawford, warren carter, gabe pruitt?????? i mean, seriously: ????????? then there was jared jeffries who spent the entire camp making threes (truly), as if that was gonna be the answer to all our problems. david lee was a cut above everyone, but never took ownership of the team (pinko). eddy curry showed up in great shape, only to disappear within minutes. wilson chandler was coming off an ankle injury if i'm not mistaken and gallinari was unable to go full speed as a result of off-season back surgery!

d'antoni pretty much had them scrimmaging as an a-team and b-team. can you figure out the lineups? how competitive do you think they were? in a jared jeffries vs al harrington match-up, is al harrington's pathetic defense what makes jared jeffries' pathetic offense look passable (no assist-pun intended)? is nate robinson's lack of focus the reason chris duhon can casually beast from 4 feet behind the arc? does david lee have anyone to box him out? i mean- is anybody really testing their counterparts and forcing them to earn their stripes? anywhere? the d-leaguers might be scrapping, but the talent is obviously not in their favor. and toney douglas is a natural bulldog. other than that, these guys took it easy, had it easy, and even got to sleep in when all was said and done.

and we were optimistic back then!

a year later, we have had one of the most dramatic face-lifts in sports history! and while we aren't very clear who is going to get the starting nod on opening day, we have some very interesting match-ups across the board. this year's training camp roster looks a little more like this:

  • kelenna azubuike (maybe)
  • wilson chandler
  • eddy curry (theoretically)
  • toney douglas
  • patrick ewing
  • raymond felton
  • landry fields
  • danilo gallinari
  • roger mason
  • timofey mozgov
  • anthony randolph
  • andy rautins
  • amar'e stoudemire
  • ronny turiaf
  • bill walker

there's some other fool too, but he won't make the team. unlike last year- you look at this roster and (just about) everyone on there is ready and willing to contribute. another thing you notice is that pretty much everyone has a counterpart that will push them to succeed. last year was scrubs brazenly deeming themselves worthy of contract extensions, without putting in the hard work necessary to prove without a doubt they deserved to be on the floor, and stay out there. this team is packed with motivated and intelligent players. they won't hesitate when their number is called. they won't pout when it isn't. and they need to succeed as a team to feel happy as individuals. that is the overhwelming sentiment coming from everybody.

felton was just interviewed basically daring people to blame him for any issues the team may encounter. ronny turiaf has been all over the world proclaiming his desire to work with everybody and push the team to win, and win big. amar'e has been speaking publicly, with the same confidence and poise he has when he attacks the rim. toney douglas stay doin' what he do (playing basquait in the new movie about andy warhol). gallinari is brimming with confidence and will push the limits of success this season, as much as one person in this community detests it. anthony randolph is a pan seared scallop. timofey mozgov impressed (the entire world, honestly) with his steady and precocious play at the world's. things are most certainly looking up.

and that has not even mentioned the immense potential of a return to form for azubuike, the steady improvement of bill walker, who was nothing short of a revelation at the end of last season. wilson chandler! landry fields was as dominant as a role player can be during summer league. roger mason has a propensity for hitting huge clutch shots. and silly as it may sound, eddy curry used to score 20 a game- hell of an afterthought.

this whole team is full of guys with great character, and greater work ethic. but beyond that: this is a team that is striving for perfection. if you look up and down this roster, and then look at last year's roster, and don't see a team that is 15-20 wins better, you're playing yourself. it won't be easy, and is in no way a garuntee. but it is absolutely within the realm of possibility.

luckily we've been practicing.


new york is gonna eat your food, lil' homie.


love always,


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