So what would you be happy with, Danilo or Rashard Lewis?

So what would you be happy with, Danilo or Rashard Lewis?
Let's look at these #'s:
6' 10" ; 220 lbs.; 21 years old, born august 8
78 games 34 mpg 47% fg 43% 3pt 83% ft 7 rpg 1.6 apg 15 ppg
They show you danilo gallinari, right.
They are rashard lewis' first full year #'s from 2000-2001.
His 3rd season in the nba, first playing over 30 mpg.
Danilo's #'s at 21 years old from the 2009-2010 year:
81 games 34 mpg 42% fg 38% 3pt 82% ft 4 rpg 1.4 apg 13 ppg.
Plus, how crazy that they share the same birthday, according to!!

Certainly the playing styles of rashard and danilo are similar.
Great shooter, #1 or #2 option to get the ball to score, and great range.
Forces opponents to spread their defense, which opens spaces for teammates.
Willing and able to hit big baskets at the end of games.
Occasional slasher, but not great attacking with the ball; too perimeter friendly.
Not a bad rebounder, but not a voracious worker on the glass.
Often absent in games and not a defensive asset.

Here are rashard's #'s from 4 years later; his best full season in the nba.
71 games 38 mpg 46% fg 40% 3pt 78% ft 6 rpg 1.3 apg 21 ppg.
He posted similar #'s in the next 2 years as well, and actually had a bit better #'s two years later.
But he played only 60 games that year; suffice to say his peak was in his 7th-9th years in the nba.

For that, rashard got a 6 year $118 mm deal in 2007, a $19.6mm average.
Part of the reason the nba has financial woes is because of this kind of contract.
Because in Orlando, rashard's #'s have been closer to his earlier seasons.
Modest declines from his peak.
But that contract is amar'e like; a marquee contract that can strangle a team.

But first, will danilo get to rashard's peak?
Heck, we expect him to get to those #'s this year in his 3rd season!!!
Certainly, if he is on the same track as rashard, that is something to look forward to.
And remember that it took rashard 7 years to reach his peak from a 2nd round, 32nd pick.
He was consistent and did make steady, but limited progress each year after 2001.
So what is reasonable to expect from gallo this year? and his peak years.

Rashard became an all-star and a foundation player for a championship caliber team.
Knick fans expect gallo to go further as the #6 pick in the 2008 draft.
Because players drafted in the top 10 in Rashard's 1998 draft include:
Antawn Jamison #4, Vince carter #5, dirk nowitzki #9, and paul pierce #10.
Which is why you don't trade danilo; you build around him.
But the expectations are also high.
Remember these big players players from that 1998 draft?
Mike olowokandi #1, raef lafrentz #3, and Robert traylor #6 (the guy who hurt danilo in his first las vegas summer league game).

So who do you want, danilo or rashard, and what do we expect from the rooster in the next 1-4 years?

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