So this doozy of a 2010-11 preview did not make it into the round-up, perhaps because the (allegedly Canadian) writer chose to start off with "In a way, failure was almost inevitable..." and proceeded from there to take a dump on your hopes and dreams; basically saying that Amar'e is an overpaid non-franchise player, the Knicks have nothing left to trade for anybody ever, and that ultimately:

"For all their positioning, the Knicks are only slightly better today than they were on the court over the last two years. They replaced David Lee with Stoudemire, Chris Duhon with Raymond Felton and overwhelming hope with a disaffecting reality."

I know, right?!  And somebody hold me back, because:

"Some players need all kinds of statistical analytics to point out their relative value on the NBA landscape. For some, though, a simple narrative suffices. Felton was the starting point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats, a team that just made their first-ever post-season appearance. Despite not having any viable replacement, though, the Bobcats made little to no effort to retain Felton's services this summer as a free agent. They essentially opted to have no tested option at the point rather than re-employ Felton at the position. That tells you everything you need to know about Ray Felton."

Grr!  Of course, all you *actually* need to know about Raymond Felton is that he's very fast, is a lock to score 12-14 points a night even if he's not a great shooter, he plays very good defense, and can really pass the rock and run an offense.  His career 31.1 AST% is either right up there with or better than many established PGs considered better than him (Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups, Andre Miller, Mike Bibby, Aaron Brooks, Tony Parker), and better than so many of the young studs everyone covets (Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, Jonny Flynn).  The Bobcats didn't try to resign him because apparently they decided one playoff appearance was quite enough and that it was time to let their starting PG and Center go.  Who knows what that's about.  Raymond Felton will do just fine, thanks, so fuck off.

Also, this:

"The talk that Gallinari is somehow an NBA star in the making has never really fit in with the "reality" that most use to observe the NBA. Gallo is a quality three-point shooter (38%), especially since he's more than willing to jack a three whenever the shot comes available (6.0 attempts per game), but as an all-around force he has yet to really make a mark in the league. Last year, he and Wilson Chandler were given any and every opportunity to emerge as deadly forces on a bad team, yet neither one was able to be much more than above average at any point in the season. Keep in mind, too, that as Gallo's minutes increased, his per-minute production dipped. Maybe having a full season under his belt will allow him to show more than he's shown so far as a pro, but as of yet he's really just a solid pro, not a superstar in the making."

Yeah, 15 ppg and 2nd in the NBA in 3s made is definitely nothing to write home about for a 6'10" 21-year old in basically his rookie season... wait, what? 

Despite all that and more, we're left with this take-away:

"New York was a 29-win outfit last year, and while they may be able to post an 11-13 win improvement to nab an eighth seed in the post-season, is that really worth the decade of misery that this fan base has endured?"

Well the misery's over, ya biatch!  And if even you think our "terrible" PG, "overrated" SF and "overpaid" PF can take us to 42 wins and the playoffs, I think it's time to get ready for an excellent season.





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