Knicks Practice Video Collage Day 1 And Day 2

Tommy Dee you freaking All-Star! Over at Tommy Dee has the scoop on all the latest Knicks' practices. He's even got a Reggie Miller sighting, yes a Reggie Miller sighting at one of our practices. It isn't too absurd being that him and Donnie are close friends but becoming enraged at the thought of him peeping in on our practices is reasonable. 

Day 1

Randolph showing his jumper, looks like he slightly fades with them. I read somewhere that he was doing that in practice if my memory serves me right but its true. Gallo showed some athleticism driving to the hoop, turned the ball over with a kooky pass, he could have went up and drew a foul but its still good to see him driving.


Look at that trap! Beautiful, just beautiful. Big Stoudemire so athletic so intimidating forcing the turnover. That was a beauty to watch, we're athletic enough to actually pull that off in actual games. Felton on the traps is very active, he evens jumps and flops around like a fish out of water. Rautins is looking pretty nice on the traps as well.


Rautins actually threw the ball to Curry and he got stripped by Douglas while trying to show his stuff. The main story of this video is Gallo's block and transition score with the flashy layup. He got a nice cheer from the team afterwards, nothing spectacular but a few oooh's and aahhh's!

Day 2

Our defense is looking very aggressive out there, seems like they pressure and pressure until the ball handler is forced to make a bad decision and turn the ball over. I would love to be pesky defenders causing frustration and problems with the opponents ball handlers.


First thing you can see is Reggie in the black there sitting next to Donnie watching quietly like the spy he is. Let's not jump the gun he's most likely just supporting Walsh and his new and improved team but he could be snooping. Again Felton is being quite the scrapper on those traps, he looks excited out there. Stoudemire and Felton are teaming up nicely with those double teams/ traps, they are causing a lot of havoc together and continuously fluster the ball handler.


This is by far my favorite video from today. Intense running back and forth, on the fly subs and not to mention Randolph trying to bring down the rim on Gallo, the dunk didnt go down but it was still nice to watch. A bunch of dunks, and inside scoring in this video. Landry fields looked pretty cocky coming down the court in one instance that made me laugh. This is some intense stuff right here, D'Antoni is definitely getting this team in shape.

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