UPDATE : Nuggets Cry Tampering On Knicks

Firstly, this post is about Carmelo Anthony, whether you want to continue reading is up to you but I advise you to keep reading since this may heal some wounds Melo has left on you. Secondly, this isn't one of those rectabulous post about shutting up with the Carmelo talks or how we should stop coming off as desperate whiners with all the Carmelo drama. I'm simply delivering the news that people have wanted to hear for quite some time now.

1) Carmelo Arrived In Denver For Media Day Today

It was said that his arrival there would basically kill all chances of him being dealt to the Nets. The deal should have been done by this time if it was ever going to happen. Here's a pic. Now on to the best news we could have possibly heard all summer.

2) Carmelo intends to play out season in Denver

"I'm leaving my options open. At the end of the season, I'll sit down with my team, I'll sit down with the Nuggets,"

"I never once said anything about trade talk, there's been a lot of speculation going on."

This is what everyone has wanted to hear. Most of us have been uptight and disgruntled when the thought of trading away pieces for Carmelo crossed our minds. We all asked ourselves and each other the same questions, "Why not wait until he's a free agent?", "Why not just come here during free agency and play with a stronger team?". Your prayers may have been answered as Carmelo says he wants to wait until the end of the season to sit and talk with the Nuggets. It's coming across that he hasn't yet made up his mind on whether or not he wants to sign the extension but everyone feels it's more than likely he will not. I know some people don't want Carmelo here at all, even if it means him coming from the free agency and us not losing anything for him, I don't understand that but some of you feel that way. Most are just reluctant to trade away our young players for him and some of you don't even care, some are willing to give away everything for him. For those of you who want him, may this shine a bright light upon your day and bring many smiles to your near future. Later!

Read the full article by Alan Hahn (Here) This is a direct quote from Carmelo which took place today so for those who for some reason have anything against Hahn don't discredit this information. There are plenty of others reporting this as well, I just respect the cool guy that Hahn is!


Update : Denver Claims We Tampered

The New York Knicks, who are Anthony's team of choice, have continued to pursue Anthony, but Denver is currently cold to all conversations with the Knicks. While the Nuggets aren't enamored with New York's roster, they also believe the Knicks may have done some back-channel recruiting of Anthony over the summer, and are therefore determined not to work with the Knicks except as a last resort, according to sources.

Not that Denver's given them a chance, but several sources have said the Knicks are reluctant to offer both Danilo Gallinari and Anthony Randolph in a deal for Anthony anyway.

Landing with the Knicks may be Carmelo Anthony's first choice but the Nuggets view trading with New York as their least-preferred outcome.

According to ESPN, the Nuggets believe the Knicks may have gone through back channels to recruit Anthony over the summer and are determined to avoid sending him to New York unless they have no other choice.

(I find it weird that Denver's colors invert into our colors...)

This little piggy cried wee wee wee, all the way home. Seems like the Nuggets are slightly bitter and frustrated with new yorkers and our backdoor recruiting channels. Amare, Fat Joe, Fabolous and even Frank White have pushed Carmelo in the Knicks' direction trying to sway his decision and convince him to come to the darkside. Our side! Now they refuse to make a deal with us unless absolutely necessary. GREAT! Thanks a lot for handing us Carmelo exactly how we want him, don't talk to us, clown our assets and let him come in the summer baby! When I read these quotes I laughed, it was more of a schoolgirl giggle but a laugh nonetheless. Firstly! You say you won't make a deal with us unless its the last resort because we've tampered? Nonsense I tell you! You refuse to make a deal with us because it is want your superstar nugget wants. You lie! I laugh! Hahaha. Secondly! Tampering? Since when has talking with your fellow basketball mates and friends been considered tampering? You cry! I laugh! Hahaha. Lastly! You blame us? Us!? Blame Lala, the wife! The Twitter Queen, The Radio Show Loudmouth, The Best Damn Source Ever! You fail! I laugh! Hahaha! Timofey, join me in laughter! Haaaargh! 

RealGM link

ESPN link (Requires a bit of digging through a hefty article)

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