A New Stat For Knicks Fans!

One of the characteristics about Knicks fans that I'm especially proud of is that we're knowledgeable. We don't just cheer for slam dunks and buzzer beaters. We know stuff. We appreciate the intricacies of the game. We acknowledge and applaud things like fighting through screens, denying the ball, and boxing out. This was extremely evident in the comments today during the USA vs. Russia game thread and post-game thread. Your description of Mozgov's boxing out in the comments inspired me to come up with a new stat that we can have fun with this season. Take the jump with me to learn all about it.

All of us were worried when we saw how Mozgov had low rebound numbers during the tournament. We were saying "This guy is practically a seven footer! He should be getting more boards than that!" But in the comments today, you guys described his activity and relentless boxing out, even though he often didn't come up with the board. Let me tell you guys something. That's old school!

That's something that only the old guys do during pick-up ball. They put their butt right into the other teams best or most active rebounder, and bump and grind them away from the basket. They usually don't get the rebound. They don't have to. One of their teammates swoops in and takes it.

This is something the old Knick teams of the 70's used to do. Sometimes the entire team would box out like that, and let the ball hit the floor. It would fall in the middle of five Knicks who were all bodying their man, and then one of them would just pick it up. Phil Jackson used to do it all the time. Genius.

So anyway, let the fantasy geeks complain about Mozgov's lack of rebounds in the box score. I think that Mozgov is doing something incredibly selfless that will result in other Knicks getting more rebounds.

So just like we have "regular blocks" and we have "cock blocks" I think we should have a name for rebounds that Knicks players get because of Mozgov ramming his rear end into opposing big men (pause).

First of all we need a name. Some suggestions:



Timoboard (Get it, Team-o-board, because he does it with a team first mentality)

Motherboard (from motherland, mother Russia, etc)

Boardshevik (okay this is a stretch)


Example Sentence: "Amare had 15 rebounds tonight, but 5 of them were motherboards."


Chime in with your suggestions, and help me beat this offseason boredom to death. Peace.

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