How Chandler and Gallo stack up in their class

So I've never posted a fanpost before and I was bored and thinking about how the last decade or so has been a very up and down when it comes to draft day, with many of our picks being nonexistent thanks to (cough) some great moves we made.  With picks like Balkman, Weis, Sweetney, Frye making scouts look like morons. Chandler and Gallo have been the lone bright spots....too early to tell if letting go of Hill was a bad move or not, so far so good.


Anyways here is the order of the 1st rd. of the 2007 draft.

1. Oden 2. Durant 3. Horford 4. Conley  5. Jeff Green

6. Yi 7. Corey Brewer 8. Brandan Wright 9. Noah 10. Hawes

11. Acie Law 12. Thad Young 13. Julian Wright 14. Al Thornton 15. Stuckey

16. Nick Young 17. Sean Williams 18.Belnilli 19. Crittenton 20. Jason Smith

21. Cook 22. J Dudley 23. Wilson Chandler 24. Rudy Fernandez 25. Morris Almond

26. Aaron Brooks 27. Afflalo 28. Splitter 29. Alando Tucker 30. Petteri Kopenen

2007 was a rather weak class but its crazy how nearly every year someone as talented Wil gets found somewhere in the 20s or 30s.

Best Value? : The only players that I would say were a better pick then Wil would be Durant, but thats only because I believe when all is said and done Durant will be one of the top 20 or so players to ever play this game.  And Marc Gasol was drafted 48th this year. (imagine if the lakers had traded some other scrub at the time and had the Gasol brothers...scary)   P.S. big baby went 35th, but I still think Wil is of more value, and Jeff Green is very valuable to his team since there isnt much after Westbrook and KD, but still i choose Wil, same deal with Brooks. I choose u Pikachan

Class Rank: The only players in the entire draft that I think are arguably or clearly more important to their team then Wil are Durant, Horford, and probably Noah and Gasol

So Wilson you have received much praise from us this year for drainin threes, grabbin boards, swattin shots, playin some good D, posterizin fools, and overall helpin us win, all while bein the chillest dude in every arena. You should have been a high up lottery pick, but you werent, and for that we thank all the teams that let you go, as well as your work ethic. So 2007 draft was a draft to look back for knick fans and NOT facepalm for once.


There was 2008...the year of the cock...1st round goes like this

1. Rose 2. Beasley 3. Mayo 4. Westbrook 5. Love

6. Galloooo 7. Gordon 8. J Alexander 9. Augustin 10. B Lopez

11. Bayless 12. Thompson 13. Rush 14. AR 15. R Lopez

16. Speights 17. Hibbert 18. Mcgee 19. Hickson 20. Alexis Ajinca

21. Ryan Anderson 22. Courtney Lee 23. Koufos 24. Ibaka 25. Batum

26. George Hill 27. Arthur 28. Donte Greene 29. DJ White 30. JR Giddens

(notable 2nd rd picks: Douglas Roberts 40, Dragic 45, Bully 47)

So as you can see the first 7 picks of the drafts there was not a single whiff. If i had to choose the worst pick out of all of them it would be Mayo, but its not like hes a bad player or a bust. The bucks took Joe Alexander (ouch!)

Best Value?: There are only a few notable picks that might have been a better value based on the pick they had. Eric Gordon statwise obviously, although nothing he ever does translates to wins, however he's a Clipper so...we'll see if he ever gets off that team before we can really assess him. Brook Lopez?? naaahh. Batum and Hill are possibly better value since they were the 25th and 26th picks. Depending on how Dragic plays the next few years he might have been the best pick in the entire draft, hes turnin into a fine baller.

Class Rank:  really the only players more talented then Gallo in the draft were drafted before him. And maybe Gordon...and maaaaybe Lopez...I kinda hate him so..ya

Without Wilson and Gallo, who knows what are record would be if we took say...Joe Alexander and Morris Almond (who the fuck is morris almond?) I am almost 21 years old and therefore cant remember any picks that even come close to the value these two guys bring to our team. It looks like your both here to stay and I couldnt be happier about that. Keep doin what u do fellas

Landry Fields is the fuckin man

that is all





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