Pros and Cons of AR getting traded

Hello Posters and Toasters!

Unfortunately(or maybe fortunately) I missed last nights game, which by the way the knicks are 0-5 when I do not watch{ I wonder if that is a coincidence :) } but anyway from everything I read we laid an egg and lost turiaf. I doubt this is a sign of things to come, they will can bounce back. I'm sure you all have heard of the Anthony Randolph trade request if not here are links:

From NYpost very own Marc Berman:


From Posting and Toastings very own SETH:

Now I know every one my self included had high hopes for Randolph, in fact for a couple of weeks there in training camp it looked like he was the front runner to start; creating the front court tandem we all thought we would see with Amar'e and AR, but after missing his first couple of games as a Knick due to injury he never broke into the rotation. After rumors since this time that he would be traded for a 1st round pick nothing happened now it looks like this relationship will finally be come to an end. I know in away many of you may feel like he was truly given a shot, but it's for the best.

Please Jump with me.

We all know the Knicks have a glaring hole at the Center position by trading Randolph for a pick we create a roster spot which could be used to sign a d-league prospect, make a lopsided trade or go after Earl Barron. The pick we likely aquire will be the Pacers pick. This pick will likely fall some where in the 10-20 range and we have our own pick aswell which falls in that 15-25 range. Not a bad looking draft to me. Essentially we would be trading a "Bench Warmer" for a 1st round pick and then we go and sign another big, if you didn't know that "bench warmer" was Randolph you would say this was a damm good deal, especially considering the college talent that is expect to fall in that range in the draft:

while CJ leslie has not played well at state so far I contributed his situation to the coach  right now its like raymond felton with the bobcats, and Rondo when in college. Him at the 4 with Ama're at the 5 could be a very special combo even if he is coming off of the bench at first.

The worst part about letting AR walk is we never got to see what he could be and I just can't fight the feeling that he will go to the Timberwolves and turn into something great maybe him and Kevin love become one of the best front courts in the league and D'antoni never gave the guy a chance. I know that we were in "win now" mode but can AR do more damage then mason? I find that hard to believe. What everybody has to understand is that this deal works for all parties invloved, and with Feb. 24th around the corner and Eddy Curry ready to be bought out we then have two rosters spots and we can sign a true PG help is on the way guys.

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