Fun Facts From The Box Score: LFF Edition

In the spirit of not making a retread type FanPost, I decided to take my love of number crunching once again and shine some light on our friend Landry Fields. As I said with the Gallo/Wil Conundrum, Im just doing this to pass time and spur conversation. If this is well received, Ill do another similar one for you guys Knick of choice. I will disclose that Ronny the Beard is high on my list though.

This version isnt really to figure anything out, its more of a list of fun facts about Fields contributions to the Knicks. I just want to see exactly what effect he is having on the team, as well as which of his many magical powers translate into wins the most. So let's try it out. Connect the cables to the car battery, and jump.

First up, lets look at Fields minutes Here are some fun facts about his PT.

- The Knicks are 1-0 when Fields plays under 20 minutes. (WHAT? I would assume we would get crushed with less than 20 minutes of Landryness. I demand an investigation.)

- The Knicks are 6-4 when Fields plays between 20 and 30 minutes. (Not bad at all.That's .600 ball right there.)

- The Knicks are 12-14 when Fields plays between 30 and 40 minutes. (This is the key right here Coach D. Look into this. Well timed doses of Landryness seem to be the recipe. You cant use too much seasoning, it throws things off.) 

- The Knicks are 3-1 when Fields plays over 40 minutes. (But of course. This should shock no one. He was obviously getting the job done at such a rate that Coach couldnt take him out. Anomaly alert: The loss was Cleveland. UGH.)

So maybe we can conclude that Fields is tiring? We were 8-6 when he played between 30 and 40 minutes before December 15. Since then we are 4-8 when he hits that minute mark. Maybe the long season is getting to him? Maybe its the better competition? Something to keep an eye on.

Aight, lets check some scoring stats shall we?

- The Knicks are 13-13 when Landry shoots 50% or better from the field. That would make us 9-5 when he is below 50%. Weird.

- The Knicks are 14-9 when Landry shoots at least 33% from 3. That makes us 8-9 when he doesnt. 1 outta 3 buddy, thats all we need from ya.

- The Knicks are 10-3 when Landry makes at least 2 triples. 2 of those 3 losses are from this month, meaning we were 10 and freaking 1 in 2010 when he hits 2 bombs. Look into this Coach.

- The Knicks are 5-1 when LFF attempts at least 4 free throws. not makes, but attempts. Pick your spots young man, keep cutting to the bucket. We're 6-7 when he doesnt attempt a single free throw. That makes us 11-10 with between 1-3 attempts from the line.

- The Knicks are 5-5 when Landry attempts at least 10 shots. 17-13 when he is less trigger happy. Sounds good to me, less is more sometimes. He has made double digit shots once in a game, and we lost by 2 (Denver.) We promptly ripped off 8 wins straight after. I'll assume the Landryness spread to the team and 8 straight was the result.

- The Knicks are 10-9 when Landry scores in single digits, 12-9 when he hits double digits, and 0-1 when he hits 20 (same Denver game.) On the weird side, we are 2-5 when he scores 11, and 2-3 when he scores 8. So uh, maybe he should aim to score anything but 8 and 11. Could gave something to do with the fact that Gallo and Andy wear 8 and 11 respectively, and they are hair triplets. I dunno.

Let's get to the best of the rest folks.

- The Knicks are 8-4 when LFF has double digit boards, 14-10 when he doesnt. We are 3-0 when he has double digit boards and single digit scoring. Seems we need him to rebound more than score, which could be why we win more if he shoots less. It means he is trying to rebound. The Knicks are 8-2 when Landry grabs at least 3 offensive boards as well. Yup.

- The Knicks are 14-13 when Landry records a steal, and 8-5 when he doesnt. Dont know what to make of that, so ll guess not a damn thing.

- The Knicks are 9-1 when Fields records a block. Muthafucka WUT? Fuck scoring LFF, rebound and sneak in for 1 block. We'll never lose again.

- When Fields has more assists than his average (1.8 per game) we are 14-9. 1 or less, we are 8-9. Move the ball, move the scoreboard.

So looking at these numbers again, one can easily see why LFF is regarded as the ultimate glue guy, even as a rookie. When he does the less flashy things (rebound, play D, pass the ball) we fucking win. A LOT. Critics harp on his shooting touch or lack thereof, but these numbers show scoring is the LAST thing we need him to do right now. We appreciate him chipping in, especially in an efficient manner, but we cannot live without him doing everything else. Especially rebounding. I hope you all have fun with these numbers, and i hope I didnt mess anything up. If you want this done for another Knick, say so in the comments and I will try to get it done soon. 

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