Nets hold our solution

Yes the Nets have dropped out of the Carmelo sweepstakes, but they still have certain players that will be traded regardless of what players the team lands. The Nets put together an offer of almost half their team and draft picks in order to get Melo and co, and that half of the team is still on the block and will be traded.

One of those players in particular should interest the Knicks greatly. Take the jump to see who.


Now that the first half of the season is over, and the consensus is pretty clear. The Knicks need a big man and for a variety of reasons.

- You can move Amare to his more natural PF position. Now you have a big lineup as Gallinari is extremely tall for a sf and our starting lineup gets that much stronger. Amare would instantly become and even better player.

- We get outrebounded almost every game. In a team that runs a lot like the current knicks, you cannot run if you don't rebound. The knicks would play solid defense, get a miss, the other team grabs a rebound and scores. Not only does that take away possesions for us and lowers our fast-break opportunities, it forces the players to use more effort on the defensive end, taking away our offensive spark.

- Our current bigs don't produce enough points. Outside of Stat, the combination of Turiaf, Williams, Mozgov just dont score enough points. The highest percentages come from bigs as their points tend to come from closer to the basket. Our lack of paint scoring has resulted in games where our fg% was the cause for the loss.

Now lets look at a player's average stats from the last two years and see if they would benefit the knicks:

2008-2009: 14.3 points -- 11.8 rebounds -- .5 blocks -- .8 stls -- 2.2 3's -- 47% fg -- 82% ft

2009-2010: 14.6 points -- 10.2 rebounds -- .5 blocks -- 1 stl -- 1.8 3's -- 47% fg -- 80% ft

Advantages of this player  for the Knicks:

- He is 6'11, 245 pounds. Enough of a body to guard big men. And he rebounds. WOW. Averaged a double-double for two straight years. Thats pretty incredible. And his percentages are decent.

- Our center would be able to stretch the floor. Why we like Shane Williams as a big man is because he can hit the three ball. Over the past two years, this center has hit, on average, TWO THREES A GAME! Our center would be one of the best three point shooters in the league, and still rebound and play defense. Huge upgrade

-Excellent ft shooter. Good ft shooting bigs are sooo hard to come by.

- His contract expires after this season. He makes 11million a year, and thats it. Next year, he's a free agent. If he does well, we can keep him and he would be a fine piece to add. If not, get rid of him.

- And, he would come pretty cheap. His current team doesn't play him, doesn't need him, and badly wants to get rid of him.


Is Troy Murphy the answer?

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