In need of a clutch player, maybe we should turn to JC? (pun intended)

The conclusion of last night's game ruined what started off as a really good weekend. 

Obviously, what a lot of people will take from this is that the Knicks need a "perimeter" go-to-guy type player such as Carmelo Anthony, who can close out a game in an isolation play.

And though I am definitely all for trading for Melo, I would not be interested in shipping more than 1 rotation player (along with Randolph(or the draft pick acquired) + Curry + and an additional draft pick (and possibly Billy Walker, who, the unreliable, Sheridan claims interest Nuggets management).

But lets say Donnie holds his grounds and not succumb to media/fan pressure to make the deal for Melo, and on the other hand Denver decides to wait for June 29th with the max offer on the table - in that scenario wouldn't it be prudent to try to use our hottest commodity - Eddy Curry's expiring contract - and try to improve our current roster (if only temporarily)?

More after ze jump.

I was searching for some statistics on the best active game winners in the NBA, and unfortunately the most updated list was compiled in 2009 by

Have a look at the top ten (full list here):

Leading "Game Winning Shot" Players

Player Fgm Fga Fg% Ftm Fta Ast T/O
 League Wide 853  2858  .298 610  815  352  296 
 LeBron James 17  50  .340 14  20 
 Vince Carter 16  51  .314 10  11 
 Ray Allen 15  39  .385
 Kobe Bryant 14  56  .250 12  15 
 Carmelo Anthony 13  27  .481 11 
 Allen Iverson 13  33  .394
 Ben Gordon 12  34  .353
 Dirk Nowitzki 12  37  .324 13  18 
 Joe Johnson 12  45  .267
 Paul Pierce 11  32  .344 15  17 
 Dwyane Wade 11  40  .275 13  17 
 Jamal Crawford 11  43  .256

I guess we can first take notice that Carmelo Anthony is 4th on the list in career game winning shots while boasting an incredible 13 out of 27 (.481 percent makes) in game winning situations, but since we are now tarrying in option B waters, how about we take a gander at the person tied for 10th place with Paul Pierce and Dwayne Wade, this familiar lovable face by the name of Jamal Crawford.

Crawford (I must admit) was my favorite player at a time there was not much to cheer for as a Knicks fan, and was moved to clear cap space as everyone knows. However it is important, I think, to recall that the Knicks started really well under D'Antoni with a 6-3 record over their first 9 games. They looked sharp, explosive, and Crawford and Zach Randolph formed a very good inside-outside tandem.  

So we know that Crawford can play and excel in the Pringles offense. And his contract, once considered toxic, is at last expiring. We know that Atlanta did not offer him an extension, or at least not the kind of extension he was seeking, and we can assume that his time there is coming to and end.

So far salaries to match we can throw Eddy in, but what will entice Atlanta to make the deal, after-all Crawford is an integral part of their success this year? Perhaps Billy Walker, who could step in as an a much more unassuming, yet still very talented, backup for Johnson? Perhaps Anthony Randolph who could greatly benefit (and perhaps excel in a team that feature at least 3 players who's game he could emulate: Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Marvin Williams)?

I'm suggesting something along these lines (which sends Etan Thomas our way, as a low-risk option for interior support):  

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