¿Nuestra punto reserva?

Gael Garcia Bernal - Quiero que me quieras (via rober23b

Hola, Puestadors y Tostadas. Word on the street is that the Knicks are in dire need of a backup point guard to relieve Raymond of all his pointy doodies duties.  Sebastian Telfair's name has been floated, but I'm here today to incept y'all with another idea for the Knicks nuestro PG.  iSalta!

One of the major themes (perhaps the major-est) of the current six-game slump is that Raymond Felton is gassed; his shots aren't falling, his decisions aren't always as wise as required from the court general, and he's generally looking pretty exhausted out there.  Now mind you, this option most certainly will not arrive this season to give Ray a breather and let him spend some time recovering.  I'm still a pretty ardent supporter of using Andy Rautins to fill that need as of now, but hey, conjecture and projection into the future is always fun too!

Rumor has it that the Timberwolves are becoming less and less confident in their former first round pick. (Here's a link to the story that NBCSports cites, via the NYTimes.)  He's shooting a pretty cringeworthy 32% from the field in Spain, and contract talks with Minnesota continue to be stymied by the fact that well, they're Minnesota.  

So hey, why not pull some strings and have Rubio play PG in New York? It seems as if he'd be a perfect fit here: his jumpshot may be pure anti-poop (is it food then?) but the Knicks have a cornucopia of shooting and pooping specialists that Ricky can defer to on the court.  In the backup role, at least initially, Rubio can focus completely on distributing to guys like Shawne, Gallo, Landry and Bully (of course, depending on who's on the court at any given time) and not have to worry about taking the shot himself.  

Minnesota has been discussed as a possible landing pad for Anthony Randolph this season.  Would Randolph, Curry's expiring and a draft pick be enough to grab some Ricky?  A point of discussion for all of you perros.

An increasingly intriguing alternative to trading for Rubio in order to solve the point guard woes is simply holding on to whatever pick the Knicks get for the draft (be that our own, Houston's, or one that we trade for) and pick up Jimmer Fredette in the draft.  Simpler, and the kid may be the poopiest yet.

Discuss, goobers.

Have a nice Sunday, and eat your vegetables.

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