Melo willing to wait; Trade for a BIG?

According to Chris Broussard, Melo is willing to wait till free agency to sign with the Knicks. He feels he can make up lost salary with endorsements. If thats the case, why not sign him AND trade for a big man? Now, I'm no cap expert so feel free to correct me or give advice.


Advanced statistics, and the naked eye, show that Ill WIl and Gallo have trouble being productive in the same game. If thats the case, than 1 excellent player is more valuable than both of them. Atleast statistically speaking. SO why not package one in a trade for a solid big man than can rebound and defend? I always see Chandler mentioned in possible trades for Melo, but if Melo is willing to sign during free agency why stop there? Having Will, Melo, and Gallo is kind of pointless. They will limit each others production and we will still have a poor interior defense. Diminishing returns. Unless we want to run with a starting lineup of


Felton-Fields-Melo-Will-Amare with Gallo off the bench.


OK NOW JUMP!!!!!!!

What if we make a large trade for a good big man. An interior defender. A rebounder. A perfect compliment for Amar'e. The thing this basketball team is missing. For next year we have Felton, Fields, Gallo, Mello, Bully, Douglas, Rautins, Mozgov, Randolph, Turiaf, and Amar'e under contract. Now I guess we could just let all the other contracts run out and sign Melo, but thats a waste of some valuable trade pieces. Why not get something out of them? We know MDA runs a short bench, so these players could be more valuable to other teams than they are to us, which is a perfect trade scenario.

So why not make a trade? Why not trade some combination of Curry, AR, Buike, Williams, Mason, and Chandler for a big man? Why let all those contracts run out when they are valuable trade pieces? Donnie is smart: he knows to be a good GM you need to be an opportunist. So lets pretend Melo is going to wait and sign with us in the offseason. That itself gives us enough players for MDA to run his short bench with, and will just limit the playing time of gallo/fields/chandler etc.

Now, I don't know too much about the availability of big men in the league, so thats where you guys come in :) I also don't know too much about the cap constriction, so I'll need your help with that as well. Lets picture a trade of Curry, AR, Buike, Williams, Mason, and a 1st for a Solid Big Man. OR atleast some of those guys. Theres some value in that group and Donnie knows that. Imagine this lineup for next year.



Rautins-Random Extra


We know MDA wont play more than 8-9 players regardless, so its more valuable for this team to have stars rather than depth. I'm not arguing that stars are generally more important than depth, because truly I don't know. But what we do have to accept is that a team coached by MDA is better off with stars. An 8 man rotation of Felton-Fields-TD-Melo-Gallo-Amar'e-Turaif-BIG is ideal for this team. With benchbros Bully, Rautins, Mozgov, and next years 2nd round pick. On some teams a deep rotation is more important than star players, but not a D'antoni team.


SO here is where you guys step in. Do you like the idea? Do you think its plausible? What BIG would you like to trade for? Who would you give up? If Melo signs a max contract do we have room for a big as well? I've been thinking about this for a while now and the latest ESPN article sited below inspired me to write this fanpost. I love the Knicks, but I am not as knowledgable about them and other NBA players as many of you are, so this is also a learning tool. Thanks for your time guys!!! :)



EDIT: Like some people have mentioned, inserting Gallo in the trade for a BIG over chandler could work as well. List your ideas and have fun with this :)

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