We Love You, Wilson!

This has my full support. -Seth

Good morning, boogers and boog-ettes.  I come to you today with a Knicky problem.

It's been fairly obvious that Wilson Chandler has, well, not been himself lately.  He's been forcing his jumpshot. He's been taking (and missing, for the most part) bad shots.  He hasn't been watering his prized mums. Something's off with Ill Wil.

It seems as though our Wilson is in the dumps.

The culprit? Probably Carmelo Anthony.  Word's been a-spreadin' that the rumors of a trade for Mr. Anthony involving Wilson have really been getting to the poor guy, and his recent game has certainly been corroborating this theory. Save for the win against the Wizards, Wilson's game has been really off, sometimes disgustingly so.  He's been trying to do too much out on the court, but more often than not this strategy leads to awkward isolation posessions for Chandler that end in a fade away jumper, some sort of contested wiggle or just a plain ol' bad shot.

It's a shame to see someone as versatile and potent offensively as Wilson poop his pants out there because he's trying to impress us all.  We, as faithful New York Knick fans and Posters&Toasters need to do something to show Wilson that we'll love him no matter what.

Let's give Wilson a big fat bear hug. 

Whether you're pro- or anti- trading Chandler for Carmelo is beside the point.  I think that we all can show how much we appreciate what he does night in and night out, and that he should keep his head up in these confusing times.  Let's show the world why we love Wilson so good-gawdly much.  To kick things off, here are a few of my reasons, in no particular order:


  • His lack of emotion.  Even when Wil's off, it looks like he's been watching a snail wrestling match, which I assure you is not as exciting as it sounds.  There's something to be said for his steadfast professionalism out there on the court at all times.  Plus, he could play the perfect straight man to Ronny Turiaf's goofball if they ever decided to put together an act.
  •  Every time Wilson hits a big shot, I celebrate and do a little dance.  Impulsively.  Also, every time Wilson hits a three, a baby kitten gets its wings.  Think about that and then thank Chandler accordingly.
  • Wilson's been with us through the super icky days through now.  It takes one hell of a dude to go through the caliber of goober-dom that was the Knicks circa 2007 and still come out and give 100% every night without a sour peep.  Perhaps the most overlooked facet of Wilson love out there.
  • The hair!  Wilson's grown out his poof this season, and it's impressive to say the least! The man's got style!
  • THE DUNKS.  Really, what more is there to say? Wilson's scrumtrulescent slams are so thunderous that many small nations could run their power grids off of one for up to a year.

Here's your assignment, posters and toasters.  Spread the love!  Give your own reasons why you love Wilson so much!  We gotta show him how much we care!

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