Shumpert is like Mike and the 2nd Coming...

Iman is like MJ. He shares several features with his airness off the bat. First is the city of Chicago. No Jordan wasn't from Chicago, but he made his career there. He turned Chicago into something big. He put Chicago on the map as they say and made the city important.

The second thing that they share is an extreme leaping ability. Jordan was a great leaper, and some of the players compared to Jordan have this ability and some don't measure up. Iman is definetly the former of this category, he jumps threw the roof.

Finally there's the jumper. I know I'll be taken to task for saying this, but if Iman can bring this whenever his career starts, he could be more a mirror of Jordan's start than most other comparisons. A player who's compared to Jordan is much more likely too have his leaping ability than his jumper. Jordan came into the league with a great mid-range shot. Very few players who are compared with him have this at the start of their careers. Shumpert has a chance to do something unique. The irony is that New Yorker's have always wanted a Jordan and now they have one, kind of.

On the other hand Shumpert isn't really Jordan. Let's face it, he's not as good as Mike and isn't quite as fast as Mike was. But in the name of basketball, he must have a good comparison.

My intial perspective on hearing about him is that he was probably a John Starks kind of guy. A generally solid passer, good defender and scorer with a limited jumpshot. I also thought Starks was 6-5 for some reason, but when I checked I realized he was actually 6-3.

As I heard and read more about his potential I started to look more towards other Knicks, such as Sprewell and Crawford. I eventually came to the conclusion that Shumpert is within the category of a Sprewell/Starks/Crawford type of player. But I specifically stuck to the idea of him being a Crawford/Starks hybrid, with the exact same stats as both player, not a literal combination of both. But then I saw his athleticism and took another look at his stats and his school and thought okay, Stephon Marbury/Russell Westbrook here we come.

This guy actually comes from the same college as Marbury. So I'm thinking second coming of Starbury with a better attitude, I'll take it. But his size always bothered me on that comparison and his stats indicated something fundamentally different, so I took another look and that's when I realized. Is that Frazier?

Walt Clyde Frazier, that's who he is without a doubt. Why Frazier? Frazier was a tall PG, and he was what I like to call a stats all-star. Similar to Kidd and Wade, Frazier could fill up a stat sheet as a small player. Like Kidd he did it at the PG position. He filled up four statistical categories. Frazier was a solid passer, good rebounder, could score the ball well and shot a high percentage. His percentage often ranged from 48%-51%, so Steve Nash eat your heart out.

Shumpert is no different, he's tall and will fill up a stat sheet. He's described as using his strength to throw off defenders, plus he's a leaper. From a Mike D'antoni standpoint acquiring Shumpert is know different than bringing a Shawn Marion to the Knicks. What's amazing is that both the Knicks and Nets have had tremendous success with this type of point guard. Not only that, but New York got precisely what it needed.

Shumpert will bring tremedous excitement to the Garden if he's a good player. He could make up for the lost of some key talents. Our team depth, Felton, both Randolph guys and Azuibuke's health issues. I actually had a name for what I was going to call the fantastic front line of Amare and Anthony(Randolph), the A-Team. It was going to be a super exciting front court and then add Azuibuke, very fun. But Stat, Melo and Shumpert could make up for that.

It's interesting that the Knicks happened upon a player of this type. This appears to be the 3rd athletic guard to come out of Chicago in the last decade. The first 2 are in Chicago and Miami, and this makes the future clashes between these teams interesting. But can Iman live up to the standards of the other 2? We'll have to wait to find out.

Shumpert=Second Coming of Walt Frazier

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