CP3 aka Melo drama 2.0?

After I read this little piece. I got to thinking about the chances the Knicks really do make a move for Chris Paul. It would certainly be nice to have a trio of Paul, Melo, and Amar'e. Having those three guys alone would put the Knicks in the elite class for NBA teams. Such as the Lakers, Heat, Bulls, Celtics and of course the defending NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks.

Lets relive some of the February Melo drama...

In February, Anthony indeed arrived, in a controversial trade that cost the Knicks nearly every asset they had. Now Paul is reportedly trying to complete the picture, by employing the same script that Anthony used — back-room lobbying, well-placed rumors and the threat of free agency — while denying everything in public.

I agree with this. Chris Paul isn't going to come out and tell everyone that he doesn't want to stay in New Orleans. In fact ESPN reports Paul declared he wants to be a Knick.

But is that even possible now?

Through trades is the only possible way I see this being done. The Knicks don't have a ton of assets after the Melo trade. Though I can see them attempting to package Billups, Fields, and Douglas to New Orleans for Paul. However the Hornets would probably not accept that. They could get a better offer from LA, Boston, Orlando, or even Oklahoma City. Unless Paul declares the Knicks are his only destination then I think they'll just retain him for the rest of the season and try to resign him. If Paul were to be traded to New York, due to the new CBA Paul would have to wait 6 months to sign an extension.As much as Paul would like to be a Knick it just won't happen during free agency.

Paul will be a free agent next summer, and the financial incentives for staying put would be even stronger. The Hornets could offer Paul a five-year deal worth $100 million. The Knicks could offer only four years and $74.3 million, based on the new rule.

Of course as fans we think $100 million and $74 million aren't that a big a deal. It's more many than anyone would need, but to a player they're focused on getting as much as they can to provide their family with enough money to last their great grand children.

Another point against the realistic chance of getting Paul is the Knicks have $44.6 million invested in five players. They still need to complete this year's team and unless they hand out more 1 year contracts I don't think they'll be able to give him the amount of money he's going to be eligible for per year.

I think we best just hope Shumpty Dumpty and DWTDD become the best thing since sliced bread.

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