My trip to NY

A few of you wanted results from my trip to NY last week after i asked for some recommendations, so take the jump for further details


First of all, the proposal - she said yes!

It wasnt the grand gesture of a central park or top of the rock etc, but in our hotel room (which had a pretty spectacular view of ESB and Chrysler building)


We went to build-a-bear and i made her a teddy bear (complete with Knicks uniform) and when we were back in the hotel i tied the ring to the bear and left it for her to notice.


Anyway as for the trip itself, we arrived in NY on Thursday afternoon, and the rain was coming down heavy, the mrs wanted to see an iconic new york scene so we walked to times square, as it was only a few blocks from our hotel.

The mixture of the appalling weather and tiredness meant that for the first night we went for convenience rather than a proper NY dining experience and went to TGI's over the road from our hotel, before retiring for an early night.

Friday we did the Empire State building, got there early and avoided the queues, before hitting the 5th avenue shops, proposed in the afternoon before going to the Old Homestead Steakhouse in the meatpacking district for a celebratory meal.

Saturday morning I got up early, and went to Legends to watch the Soccer. before goign to Macy's and then the Rangers game in the afternoon (loved the goal song) before going to Cacio E Vino in the East Village for a cracking Pizza (and an awesome starter, which was like a deep fried rice ball with beef and peas in it, drizzled in a tomato sauce)

Sunday we got the tube over to Brooklyn and walked back over the brooklyn bridge, was a bit slippy under foot with all the snow, but the clear blue skies gave us some excellent views, then we walked through the financial district, and saw the batmobile as they were filming the new film.

Then we had our helicopter ride, which was stunning, the views were nothing like i had ever seen before, there were 4 of us in there, us 2 and 2 french ladies, and we were in the air for about 15 mins, and went up the Hudson and back.

After the flight we rushed over to Harrison for the Red Bulls game (missed the only goal) but got to see 3 of my all time favourite players in Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Robbie Keane.

After the game we went to Ground Zero memorial, a completely different vibe from when i was last in NY, and it seems a very fitting tribute, whereas before the lasting memory was all the propaganda pushers.

Sunday night we ate at Shake Shack.

Monday we took in the NHL Store and the NBA store then went to the Halloween parade in the village (never seen so many people in one place in my life) left half way through to try and get away easily but that didnt really work as a lot of people seemingly had the same idea., we went to the Marriott hotel at Times square for a drink in the bar called the view. It's a revolving bar which gives you good views of the city, and i would recommend it for the views, but not the food!

Tuesday we got the ferry to Ellis Island - a truly astonishing place, the ferry goes past Statue of Liberty and you can jump off there if you like but we didnt, then walked back up through Wall Street, China Town and Little Italy, before going to Top of the Rock ( my favorite landmark of all of NY) We got there just before sunset, and it was the perfect time to go there as we got to see the island in day and night , the views are better than ESB in my opinion, and viewing the sun go down over Manhattan is pretty special, especially when you're from a city like mine!

Tuesday night we went to the Standard hotel in the Meatpacking district to go to the bar there, was a really cool vibe, and yet more amazing views over the city, before we went to Spice Market - an Asian fusion restaurant, where i had some of the best food i've ever tasted (their chicken samosas were to die for) and i recommend all of you to go there if you can!

Wednesday we spent the whole day in Central Park, I love the park, and could spend days in there. It's such a great hideaway from the mayhem that awaits outside, before nipping back to Times Square, to go to American Eagle to get our "15 seconds of fame".


That night we took the train to Newark and going to a Devils game ( had to do something to keep me occupied otherwise i'd have made the mrs get a heat jersey and found a local court so we could have acted out the game that we were supposed to be watching)

Thursday we did Grand Central Station before returning home.


Still didnt get to do everything i wanted to but had a great time, thanks to everyone for the recommendations on here your help was greatly appreciated!

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