Boston u mad?

Being a NY fan in most sports I've never really had the feeling of Boston being the dominant city in the sport. (I'm not a Jets or Giant fan.) Well I guess you can say I mean baseball because from a historic standpoint the Yankees are much better than the Red Sox. And sadly that seems to be the way things are between the Celtics and Knicks. Though it's looking like things are changing. The Knicks are gaining players in their prime who are ready to win now, and the Celtics are aging.

So is Boston getting mad? Just ask our buddy Bill Simmons "The Sports Guy", or media Masshole.

I love it - the Knicks fans are talking trash. The Celts-Knicks rivalry is back! (Well, until Amar'e goes down and you can't amnesty him.)

Knicks fans are making "old" jokes about my Celts and pretending they aren't starting Mike Bibby's corpse on X-Mas day. The rivalry is back!

So I guess he's implying Stoudemire will not have a long happy career with the Knicks. What he doesn't know is Amar'e is so happy he's 6'11. YOU CAN'T BRING HIM DOWN SIMMONS. As for Bibby's corpse well I'm not a fan either, but it's funny he's talking about old players. (Bibby is only 33 by the way.)

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce are older than 34. Well Pierce is 34 years old. So this team filled with dinosaurs has some trash talkers.

Seriously though anything New York and Boston is fun and exciting. The playoff series is just the start of this renewed rivalry. Scratch that. The waved off Amar'e 3 point buzzer beater was the renewal of this rivalry. Going back to the playoff series though, the Knicks were much closer than the series showed. It was a clean sweep, but if the Knicks had Amar'e for the entire series and actually held onto game one then the series would of went 5 or 6 games. Damn you Ray Allen.

Trying not to get to far ahead of myself, but I see promising things for this team. Now. Not in 3-5 years, but now. The point guard position seems weak, but it's really not. That's the thing I'm most looking forward to. Douglas should be our starter with Shump getting minutes off the bench. Sadly they'll have to share with Bibby instead of JJ Barea.

PG : Douglas, Shumpert, Bibby

SG : Landry, Walker

SF : Melo,

PF : Stat, Harrellson, Balkman

C : Bison,

I'm sure Jeffries and Extra E will be back as well. Seems like a good enough team to win the Atlantic division and get the 3rd seed. OR 4th seed. Anything less doesn't seem right. The 3rd seed means the Knicks surpassed the Celtics and only need to get past the Bulls and Heat. That's how the East looks like it will shape up. Four contenders for the Eastern Conference Finals. The Garden will be rocking. Hopefully we can get some revenge on Boston one way or another.

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