what to do with HAN and CHEWY?

yeah, these are my nicknames for our newest knicks (don't think anyone else mentioned it... did you?).

shumps all charm and flash and confidence and swagger...

and jorts is all support and deference and girth and hair...

and the way it's starting to play out, they're going to be our depth (with bibby not turning the ball over and hitting a shot here and there)... for better or worse. maybe we end up bringing in a veteran to fill the bench, but if we're going to surprise and survive this shortened season, we're going to have to rely on han and chewy. guys are going to need days off and ankles get twisted (knock on wood) and han and chewy, between the two of them, are going to have to actualize their alleged talents for us to climb the eastern conference.

but the question is how do we best use them?

the way i see it, han's natural, unseasoned abilities would be best used in the starting 5 as our 2-guard. this accomplishes a few important goals.

1. it moves landry's more "seasoned" game to the bench where it frees him up to take more of a lead, offensive role (away from the ball dominant starters and a role to which he is better suited for than anyone else on our current team).

2. right now, even with no NBA game time, han is our best slasher, and with amare and melo posting up and hitting their 15 footers (even amare said he's now a stretch 4), we'll need someone to be able to break down defenses (which isn't TD's strength either).

3. it actually reduces the pressure on han that usually ends up sending rookies into tailspins... and it does this by sending a clear message to him that he has the freedom to rely on his natural athletic ability rather than his undeveloped basketball IQ (which will be left up to our lead 3).

and now to how to best use chewy? this is a little easier...

1) he's our first big off the bench... yes, before jefferies (and assuming we don't find a way to dig up some useful veteran depth). chewy will without a doubt be a better rebounder than any of our other bigs (sorry jerome and sorry jared). if chewy comes in to spell tyson at the 5, his role is clear, simple and achievable... clean glass, protect amare, hit a put back. if he comes in to spell amare... clean glass, protect melo and hit a put back (and maybe shoot and miss a 12 footer with the shot clock running down so tyson can put in a tip dunk).

so there it is guys... han and chewy taking us deep into the playoffs. what say you?

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