Should the Knicks try to run a triangle offense?

Note: This is purely hypothetical, I am in no way advocating that D'Antoni switches to the triangle offense, with which he has basically no experience. Take it as a fictional piece that should have been submitted for the Knicktion contest we had over the summer, not as something I'd try to force Pringles to read.


Our beloved Knickerbockers, as we all know, are in desperate need of an identity on offense. As we've all read and heard in the past couple of days:

"D'Antoni needs a PG!"

"Nash is what made him so good! He's nothing without an elite PG!!"

So why not try something different while we wait for St. Davis to be our savior in "4-8 weeks" ? Why not the triangle offense?

For those of you that aren't familiar with the triangle offense, here's a basic explanation. Players in the system are as follows: PG, two wings and two players in the post. The basic set-up is this:


The point guard ( What a comedian, you might all think, after knowing I just called Toney Douglas a point guard) takes the ball up the court, and both wings (2 and 3) setting themselves up down low. In this case, let's say Landry and Carmelo are our wings. They would then use screens given by the post players to run up toward the perimeter and start setting up the triangle. In our case, Amar'e and Bison would be our post players. The set-up would then look something like this:


Let's say the ball would be passed to Carmelo (3) on the right side. And, let's be honest, that's what would happen 90% of the time on our team. DWTDD could then either:

a) Pass to Carmelo and cut toward the right corner

b) Dribble the ball toward the right corner

In both cases, the triangle would now be formed on the strong side. Bison and Landry would shift, creating the proper spacing needed for this offense to run effectively. Here's where things get interesting though. The triangle offense relies on two things: proper spacing and player movement. Watching a properly run triangle offense is a thing of beauty. As an example, I'd like to direct your attention to this video

I counted 6 passes in this one. All of them were designed to get Bynum the ball down low, but the options are limitless. Once the triangle is set up, Douglas could then circle around to the opposite corner, leaving Amar'e and Carmelo in a 2 on 2 situation. Yep, Stat & Melo on the pick and roll, ladies and gentleman. The beautiful thing is, the 1 and 5 ( Douglas and Chandler) would wait along the perimeter to try and rebound the ball if Melo decides to iso and take a shot. Here's what that could look like:


To sum it up, it's basically a system that relies on player movement and crisp passes. It could work without an elite passing point guard. We have the dominant big man inside to make this effective. Once the triangle is formed, there are limitless possibilities of what could be done. Thoughts?

I'll leave you with a video of the Lakers running a triangle during their Finals run.

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