all y'all need to calm the f! down (with poll!)

seriously. I look around the NYK blog land and see people freaking out.

OMG!?! We lost two games! We dont look like a championship team 3 games into the season!!!

What is up? This y'all first year watching sports? Calm down. Its going to be ok.

I am as discouraged as anyone by these past two games. They look like poop, and not the 3-point kind. But all is not lost. We still have a ton of great players, and we still have tons of season left.

Mike D isnt going anywhere. Phil isnt gonna come into this season mid-stream. seriously, all y'all that are already calling for the coaches head need to realize that MIke Woodson isnt going to change anything overnight if Mike D is gone (also, I imagine his bro's will leave too). This team has enough volatility already, we dont need a brand new coaching staff right away. Give Mike a break, and lets see what he does with BD. There is a chance its gonna be super sweet. So lets chill on all the THIS IS MIKE _'Antoni's FAULT! Its bull, and makes you look like an idiot.

We have a brand new team that is going to take some figuring out. We lost our first guard and first forward off the bench in game 1 (JJ and Shump). That was with an already week supporting cast. But guess what. We have a really freaking awesome front court.

No matter what happens tonight, please sit back and realize that we have a great new team. A new year, a new reason for hope. We are not trying to convince ourselves Larry Hughes can be a superstar or that Nate Robinson is a legit NBA player. We are no longer waiting to see what happens with trades. We have a team, and it has some really freaking awesome players. So lets give em more then a week to figure it out.

Lets be good fans. Patient fans. Not fans that react to a loss like someone kicked our puppy. Lets be knowlegable fans that support our guys, not fairweather fans that boo people at practices.

There are things wrong with our team. There are things wrong with EVERY team. There are also some super sweet things with our team, most of all... they have diehards like us as fans. So lets show em we got their back instead of showing em we want their heads (pause).

2012 = Positivity!

Happy new years everyone. Your are my fucking best [blog] friends. Seriously, this is the best blog ever. Im really feeling this year. Fucking best year ever.

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