Berman: The Knicks are "on the verge" of signing Grant Hill.

Hey now! I was skeptical when I saw yesterday's report, but now Marc Berman's made it clear that he's not messing around. When free agency opens tomorrow, it sounds like Grant Hill is, indeed, likely to accept an offer from our Knicks.

"It’s not 100 percent done, but he’s leaning,’’ one source said.

Hill and his wife, Tamia, a recording artist, are enamored with New York but were concerned about uprooting their two kids in grade school. Hill also was worried about leaving the renowned Suns’ training staff.

But Hill is about to choose the Knicks, who could be one of the heavies in the Eastern Conference. Hill would be slotted in as the starting shooting guard, supplanting Landry Fields and giving the club more leadership, shooting, defense and the depth that the team lost in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

Who knows how serious the starting shooting guard part is-- Hill typically plays small forward-- but they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. If this deal does transpire, I imagine it'd be for more than the veteran's minimum; perhaps something out of the mid-level exception. Sounds good to me. Hill's in preposterous shape and has been remarkably durable since joining the Suns. He's worked to become an outstanding defender late in his career, and can still rebound, score from outside and finish around the basket when called upon. And while I rarely buy the "locker room guy" label, I can't imagine Hill not having all sorts of wise words and neat tricks to teach his teammates, Carmelo Anthony in particular.

And let's not forget Tamia. Can we all promise to buy her forthcoming album if the Hills come to New York? I don't think that's too much to ask, y'all. It's going to "remain true to her signature themes of love". Those are our favorite signature themes, guys!

As Berman says, the Suns have broadcast a commitment to retaining Hill (and Hill has reasons aplenty to stay), so we'll have to wait to see if this comes to fruition. I really hope it does.

Bonus: The skepticism, I should say, arises from the fact that the Knicks have been courting Hill (and attempting to appeal to the professional sensibilities of Mrs. Hill) for over a decade. Check this out from 2000. How could they say no to Chazz Palminteri!? But anyway, eleven year-old me is like "why grow up if you're just gonna fall for the same shit!?". I await news of an actual signing without bated breath. Unbated. Debated?

Update: Sam Amick: "Source close to Grant Hill says he has not made a decision and is not close to any agreement."

Update Deux: Alan Hahn: I think its '09 repeat: using NY for leverage. RT : chances grant hill becomes a knick?

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