2 AM Rant by a College Student

I like to find distractions for myself, and being a college student I have two things, lots of work to procrastinate for and lots of late nights that could've been avoided by starting my work slightly earlier.  I constantly find myself on this blog late at night on random weeknights looking for something to entertain myself with, so I'm going to try to start a semi-regular post at 2 AM a few times a week just generally getting my thoughts out there.  If I entertain y'all, awesome.  If not... at least I entertained myself.

As house of pain would tell you... JUMP JUMP JUMP

So.  Here's what's on my mindgrapes

-Melo is a Knick, YIPPIE!

-Danilo is no longer a Knick.  OH GOD WHY

-Landry is still a Knick.  I feel very Landry about that.

Those are the three major points that I was focused on prior to this trade and they came out pretty much as expected.  I was a major skeptic about the Chauncey-Felton part of the deal but a certain recent fanpost has at least made me more willing to accept the idea.  The last expected part of the deal was Wil, we all knew he was going, and he will be missed.

Everyone knew a trade was imminent, the question was, what would be going.  I was hoping something along the lines of Gallo, Felton, Wilson, and Randolph for Melo and Chauncey.  When I saw the whole deal at first I was pissed to say the least, we gave up far too many picks in my opinion, and arguably our only legitimate 5.  Our major problems before the trade were interior defense and rebounding, and rather than addressing those problems we made them exponentially worse and gave up a few picks too.  I still don't think Sheldon will really help us all that much, and while the Ronnie Brewer aspect of the trade was a nice little surprise, it doesn't really do much.  Most of our bench players were already on the wing.

Having complained about the trade I do think it makes us a better team than we were before (despite making our weakpoints worse and still being an overpayment).  Among other benefits is that maybe we could turn Brewer into a pick, and also Earl Barron should be coming back.  While he won't necessarily solve all of our problems inside he will be a welcome addition and was a favorite of mine.

I know this post has been all over the place but let me leave with one last point, these are still my (our) Knicks.  I am excited to see them play and hope that we can legitimately become a contender.  There has been talk about Paul or Howard being the next piece, forget that for now, let's just focus on what we have and see what happens.  I'm still just glad to be over .500

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