Good Things To Consider

I'm posting for the second time today.  It's my therapy.

Here's some good things to consider.  Doubtless all of these things have been mentioned, but it's worth mentioning again.

Landry Fields is still a Knick.  That means that Fields has been a Knick longer than 7 Knicks (Amar'e, Roger Mason, Shawne Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Shelden Williams, Chauncey Billups and Corey Brewer).  That makes the Knicks more Landry than before.

Ronny Turiaf is still a Knick.  He of the infectious enthusiasm and epic beard.  The guy who doesn't put up great numbers but whose participation seems to help games get won.  Yes, he's hurt all the time but the dude can play D and something about him is awesome and the Knicks still have that.

Remaining a Knick is one of the things Toney Douglas Do.  The enthusiasm for Toney has waned a bit in these parts as his playmaking has been slow to develop and his shooting has been spotty.  But I think Toney's due for a major resurgence, scoring-wise.  I know he can score better than he's been scoring, and I have hope that Chauncey will drop major enlightenment upon him.

We no longer have the Gallo/Chandler conundrum to wring over.  I know, this is a stretch, and we don't like to hear it.  But these two guys pretty much played the same position and each had their strengths and weaknesses.  I loved them both and felt one would go eventually and went back and forth about which one it should be.  I was alternatively psyched and frustrated by both over the years.  I believe in both of them, but now there is Carmelo at the 3 and there's no doubt about that. 

Balkman. More dreads.  More colorful personality traits. Maybe some decent dervishing on the court again?  This is a pretty good consolation prize for those of us who love to love.  Though I'm concerned that he and Turiaf will explode and destroy half of Manhattan if they come into contact.  On the other hand, they could spontaneously merge and become the most dominant center in the East.  I tend to think the latter.

The Knicks are a better rebounding team now.  It turns out Carmelo is kinda Landry when it comes to rebounding his position.  Tops at SG, tops at SF.  And whoever they get to replace Mozgov in the rotation (The Earl?) is probably going to be a better rebounder than Moz.  I love rebounds.

Extra E will still be providing his corner pooping services.  And, he's been reunited with his long lost sister, who happens to have a great rebound per-minute rate.  This can only be a positive.

If Azubuike returns to form, there's a spot in the rotation for him. This actually could be unbelievably nice for us come playoff time.

Chauncey Billups is really, really good.  He's not going to grow with us, and he'll sorta always be a Piston or Nugget.  But the guy can shoot and lead a team and he got a ring with the Pistons, who won a chip with the formula I like the most.

A bunch of new Knicks and speculation on what numbers they will wear.  I mean, think about it.  Who's going to wear what?  This is going to be a lot of fun.  In fact, speculate on it in the comments if you like.

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