Questions About Our New Knicks

Sorry if this is annoying amongst the flood of new FanPosts, but I have some questions and thoughts to share about the state of our Knickerbockers, that I believe have somewhat gone un-asked.

Jump if you will!

1.) Does anyone else see it as vitally important that Toney Douglas steps up his game?

That isn't a shot at TD, or to say he hasn't played well, but things have changed at the PG position. D'Antoni cannot ride Billups ofr 39 minutes a game, like he did Felton (pause). Douglas must be able to play meaningful minutes at point. I don't see Anthony Carter playing much here. Likewise, even if TD is running the show, he has to be a consistent scoring punch off a bench that currently lacks fire-power.

2.) Will Mike D'Antoni slow the pace?

In his first two seasons, D'Antoni didn't play at the pace he normally likes to. This season it's been much faster. With an aging Chauncey Billups at PG, will he slow it down, ala Chris Duhon, to better fit his strengths (or weaknesses if you will)?

3.) Are the Knicks done making moves?

There is now a gaping hole upfront. Turiaf has been in and out, and Amare shouldn't play center too much. Shelden Williams, I believe, will play meaningful minutes off the bench, but he's not a center. Will they resign Earl Barron? I personally hope so. A D-Leaguer? Will they make a move for a true NBA center, albeit one who is not as talented because we lack the sources to trade? Will they go after Ramon Sessions or another backup PG?

4.) Is anybody else cautiously excited about Corey Brewer?

I've heard the Knicks may not even keep him. Maybe they'll use him in another trade to get a piece they prefer more? If the Knicks do keep him, I like his athleticism and potential scoring punch off the bench. He also helps fill a void at the wing positions.

Here's the real kicker....

5.) Raymond Felton's contract is up in 2012. If the Knicks fail to get Deron Williams or Chris Paul, will the Knicks go after him?

It's not even a definite that D-Will and CP3 are the Knicks' next targets, but all signs point that way. It'd be a dream come true to add them, but a multitude of things may keep that dream from becoming a reality. Would the Knicks look to bring Felton back? He'll likely be less expensive than those two, and I don't see him settling down wherever he plays the next season and a half; I have a feeling he'll be on the move.

What do ya'll think? Does anybody have answers at this point?

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