Not true, Ray-Ray

Anyone else see this NYT article? This is from the Nuggets' tell-all press conference where they gloated about how they were ready to take very little back, and how the Knicks really were bidding against themselves.

“I’m here where a team wants me,” Felton said. “The Denver Nuggets wanted me. New York didn’t, so that’s why things happened.”

I wish that Raymond Felton, Gallinari, Ill Will, Mozgov, and even Anthony Randolph - OUR GUYS - would read these posts so they could see that this was over the fans' heads, it was over the coach's head, and it was out of Walsh's control. This article is pretty clear that Dolan was the mastermind behind bidding against ourselves, and I don't want to get into what's going on over at FIU.

Yes, I wanted Melo to be a Knick. Who wouldn't? But here's my personal story:

Wilson Chandler was approaching free agency, Anthony Randolph was requesting a trade. I was fine with moving them, or losing them this summer (oh how I wish that were still possible). That's fair game in the NBA, and that's all it should have taken. Denver wanted a quality young player (Wilson would have been the Nuggets' first or second option on offense and their best defender), first round picks (one from Randolph, and our own in 2014), and salary relief (Eddy Curry counts, right? If anything, we could have made it work with Minny like we did anyway).

But then things started moving quickly, which is a sign that things were no longer in the patient man that the fans trusted so far, Donnie Walsh. Things were in Dolan's hands. Suddenly, we were trying to talk ourselves into a Felton-Billups swap, and believe me that was not easy. That's right, many fans were willing to let Raymond Felton get in the way of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups - so please don't think anyone here didn't want OUR GUYS to stay. We really wanted to impact the team as it was as little as possible.

But by then it was too late. Dolan does not care about OUR GUYS. I'm sorry that so many players got dragged into the trade, and I also feel responsible as a fan, even though there's not much I could do. These were OUR GUYS - new guys that we rooted for every night, or just a little less new guys that we were watching grow up. And now, they've got to pick up their lives and move to another team, just like we have to start all over again with Melo, Billups, and Borkman.

I wish nothing but the best for the new Nuggets, who sadly are no longer our guys - especially those that didn't need to be traded but got swept up in it. Hopefully they can use this as motivation. To see Felton's response is pretty heartbreaking. I haven't even gotten to the point where I'm really psyched about Carmelo yet, knowing what it took to get him and what it means for the Knicks.

I know not all Knick fans agree, but seriously...

Not true, Ray-Ray. Not true at all.You were a fan favorite here.

There was only one guy who mattered who really didn't want you, and if it's any consolation, that guy doesn't know shit about basketball.

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