Putting February 23rd 2011 In Perspective

I was reading the Knicks message board over at Someone put up a poll asking if Melo's debut was their greatest night as a Knicks fan. 76% voted No. I too voted No.

My reason for voting no was simple, I became a Knicks fan during the 1992-1993 season. And so,the greatest night as a Knicks fan hasn't happened yet. I haven't seen them win a title in my lifetime. After the jump, I'll share with you a trip down memory lane, which is list of nights where I was proud to be a Knicks fan, a list which I shared at the other forum, but wanted to share with you guys at Poastin and Toasting.

The following is my list of Nights where I was proud to be a Knicks fan:

1) The night I became an obsessed fan of this team: Martin Luther King Day 1993 when I attended my first Knicks game at the Garden against Phoenix. We won that game; I loved seeing the crowd cheer non-stop; I loved the DE FENSE chant. I was mesmerized by getting to see Ewing, Starks et al live. My favorite moment was after the game ended; Charles Barkley was infuriated with the officials over some bad calls (in his mind) that he jumped over the scorer's table and chased down the officials into their locker room. It was a crazy sight. As we left the Garden, you could see on the TVs him yelling and cursing after being restrained by teammates.

2) Game 7 Eastern Conference Semi Finals 1994: The day the Knicks finally beat the Bulls in a playoff series. Was it bitter sweet that we did it in MJ's absence yes, but the way the team vanquished the Bulls in the second half/4th quarter with Ewing's 3 to put the dagger in was absolutely awesome.

3) Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals 1994: We finished off the Pacers after nearly having a repeat Eastern Conference Finals exit from 1993 after going up 2-0 in the series. However, this time after blowing game 5 at MSG, we rallied back and won game 6 in Indiana. Then in game 7, the team clinched the series. This was the series I and every Knicks fan in the 1990s grew to hate Reggie Miller after his game 5 25 point 4th quarter performance. I didn't get to attend this game (7), but I remember Marv Albert late in the 4th quarter saying something to the effect that "After all these years, Patrick Ewing gets to the NBA Finals." What makes this game special is the fact my parents never liked the Knicks, always rooted against em in the playoffs, and as a 12 year old at the time, this was one of the few moments I got to give it to em. In 1993, my dad and mom were openly cheering for Michale Jordan to beat us, I get it, they liked MJ, fine. But to cheer on Reggie Fucking Miller, I couldn't take it.

4) Game 51999 Eastern Conference 1st RD: Allan Houston's game winner against the hated Miami Heat. In 1997, who could forget PJ Brown's game 5 back flip/body slam of Charlie Ward starting a brawl which saw the Knicks ultimately lose a 7 game series that they lead 3-1 because Ewing, Houston, and Ward were suspended for game 6 at MSG while LJ and Starks were suspended for game 7 at Miami. Forget the fact Pat Riley quit on the Knicks after 1995 to take over the Heat, that 1997 Playoff Series is what boils my blood till this day about the Miami Heat. I still hate that franchise. In 1998, as the 7 seed, w/0 Ewing we beat the Heat in 5 games. But 1999, is even more special than 1998. This is the year we brought in Latrell Sprewell, and Marcus Camby into the mix. The team struggled for most of the 50 game season (lockout shortened), but some how managed to get in the last week of the season. Miami had the best record in the league, and was expected to finally rep the East in the finals in the first season post MJ. In this 5 game series, no team won back to back games, and the 5th game was a defensive struggle until the end when Houston hit the game winner on a runner with 0.1 seconds left. A nice FUCK YOU to Miami as we spoiled their shit

5) Game 6 1999 Eastern Conference Finals: The Knicks complete the improbable run from 8th Seed to Eastern Conference Champs. What's even more remarkable is we won this series w/o the services of Patrick Ewing who got injured in game 2 if I'm not mistaken, and we also lost Larry Johnson in the middle of game 6. Despite all that, Houston Sprewell and Camby carried the team to the finish line of the Eastern Conference playoffs. What made this special is that as the underdogs, and with injuries we got over on Reggie Miller who absolutely sucked in this game. This was the series that had LJ's dramatic 4 point play in game 3.

It's awesome how in 94 and 99, the seasons immediately following MJ's retirements, the Knicks made the NBA Finals. Just wish we could've won one of those series.

6) Game 7 2000 Eastern Conference Semi Finals: At full strength as the 3rd seed in the East, the Knicks once again got over the Miami Heat for the 3rd consecutive post-season. I will always maintain that the Heat robbed us of a legitimate shot to win the NBA Title in 1997. 4 Consecutive season the Knicks and Heat met in the playoffs, the Knicks won 3 of those meetings. This series validated our playoff supremacy over them, and vindicated the 1997 loss to them. They may have won the Atlantic every year in that time span, but we were the deeper team and more talented team, even if both teams were equally physical. In this game, we were down double digits and rallied to win. It was fitting, that this being the last playoff series that Patrick Ewing and the Knicks would win, that Ewing had the memorable/signature play, which was Ewing getting a baseline dunk in the final minute or so which gave the Knicks the lead.

7) November 4th 2010: Knicks over Bulls 120-112. Going into this season I thought we'd be at least an 8th seed in the East. The Bulls were my pre-season pick to win the Eastern Conference. After going up by 18 at halftime we were in the driver's seat. At the ended of the game, I texted my roommate and good friend from HS "GAME BLOUSES!" and emailed him a picture of Dave Chapelle's Prince with the same tag line for good measure, since he's a Bulls fan. As I was texting my friend the line, a couple guys posted "GAME BLOUSES" in the P&T game thread.

8) January 4th 2011: Knicks over Spurs 128-115. We won every quarter. I have annoying friend who loves the Spurs and before the game for weeks, and really since I've known him, all he does is rip the Knicks and Patrick Ewing, and basically every player to ever play for them. I refused to talk to him all day and during the game. He called me after words with a humbled tone and congratulated me for the Knicks kicking his team's ass. I'd like to thank Wilson Chandler's 31 points, and Amar'e 20+ points and 3 shot blocks for doing the unthinkable, putting a sock in my friend's fat mouth.

9) January 27th 2011: Knicks over Heat 93-88. The Night we drew a line in the sand and didn't let LeBron and his band of preening bitches, otherwise known as the Miami Heat, get over on us. We rallied to beat them in the 4th quarter. Amar'e, Fields, and Gallo wouldn't let us lose. No way no how even though it looked like a tall task after the 3rd quarter ended. Gallo and Fields had clutch 3s late in the game, and we kept daring LeBron to take jump shots, and he kept missing. It was awesome.

As you can see, the Knicks haven't given me/us a whole lot to be proud of over the past ten seasons. However, this season, the signs are finally pointing upward for us.

Last night was as historical as it could get for a regular season game that didn't have any record breaking moments. What makes it historical is the fact that it was second opening night to the 2010-2011 NBA Season. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I watched the game with nervous anticipation. Seeing Melo and Stat together on the same team, two dynamic scorers, it was finally happening, and it was still unreal to see them both in the Throwback Blues. It was awesome watching Chauncey run the offense, like Kenny Smith said on NBA Tv last night, it was like watching Derek Harper out there. Melo's pump fake, and drive for a baseline dunk at the end was a nice finishing touch. However, last night, was not my greatest night as Knicks fan, because that day hasn't happened yet. I hope Melo and Stat can make us proud and deliver this team a title at some point in the next few seasons.When that day comes, that will be my greatest night as a Knicks fan. 

Now, I turn it over to the rest of you in the comments section. Share with us some the nights that you were either proud to be a Knicks fan, or if last night or any other night was your greatest night as a Knicks fan.

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