The Fab 5

onsidering that none of us really know what to make of this current Knicks squad, I thinks we should look to the draft right about now. Why? I dunno, or here:

Knicks need a bench. We have no idea what the CBA is, but we do know that most likely the Knicks have no more to spend on free agents unless Ronny Turiaf wants to take his talents elsewhere.


We have our first rounder this year whether the Rockets stink more then us or not. But we don't have our 2nd rounder apparently, thanks to Toney Douglas.


So..who do we want? Aside from the perception this is a 'weak draft", I believe that while there's no Derrick Rose or Blake Griffen, there's a ton of Landry Fieldses, Danillo Gallinaris and Wilson Chandlers in this draft. There might even be an Amar'e Stoudemire, Steve Nash or a Ty Lawson if you look hard enough.


The fuck is he talking about?

1) Jajuan Johnson C/PF 6"10 225 Purdue.

Scouting report - but don't let it fool you. Johnson has a very good midrange game, is extremely athletic and long and is a senior and a star and a half. The Landry is strong with this one. Mocks have him falling to the late first, and while that usually means nothing, it could mean something.

I think at worst he's a very good backup C that can score and finally...FINALLY, give Pringles a needed PF that can score and run the PnR and Do What Amar'e Stoudemire Do off the bench. IMO he's the #1 target we need be looking at.


2) Kawhi Leonard- SF/PG- 6"7 230 San Diego State

Scouting report- Seems to be "rising" in imaginary mock draft land. But the Landry in this man's game is unmistakable. He's an incredible rebounder and also can really handle the rock. He's improved his shot every year and seems to be a credible threat from long range.

Also he's a defensive stopper. He reminds me a lot of Gerald Wallace tho I don't think he's that sort of vertical athlete.


3) Kemba Walker-6"0185 UCONN

Scouting report- dude is a speed demon. A pain in the ass on the defensive end and really has improved his strength so that he can just go all day on offense and defense.  He does seem to be a bit of a Nate Robinson-esque bonehead at times, so its all not gravy with him. But if we have Billurps next year and let Walker learn under him, there's a good chance we have a star with Walker.


4) Jimmer Fredette- 6"2 200lbs BYU

Scouting report- The man can score. His rock handling is very underrated, tho its not exactly Ray Felton. Again, getting a PG in this draft is not a bad ideal considering we have Chauncey here.

At worst he's a JJ Reddick or Ben Gordon type dude that can take over with his shooting. I've seen enough of Jimmer to say that while he's not a great athlete, the man knows how to get the shot off and it usually goes in.


5) Kyle Singler- 6"9 230lbs Duke

Scouting report- What? Yea, I know..I hate Duke too. But Singler is the sort of smart player that gets the most out of his athleticism, or lack thereof, that I'd love to get here. Maybe he's more so Al Thornton then he is Gallo, but he can do it all on the court. He's a hustle dude who's energy can be infectious.


Honorable mentions to

Chris Singleton-SF 6"9 FSU

Chandler Parson- SF-6"8 Florida

Jeremy Tyler 6"10- Buttfuck Egypt

Brandon Knight-6"3 Kentucky


I think this draft is pretty damn deep if it has no stars. If Marky Wark is gonna prove his worth we'll leave no stone unturned and at worst solifify that bench with a young cost effective player.


As you can see, yes, I no doubt respect the juniors and seniors. Upside is great, but seniors have upside too. Ask Landry.

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