Adventures in Euro Scouting [mozgov 2.0]

I'm not a big fan of Chris Sheridan. His main goal, like all reporters, is to create stories that get a bunch of page views. While I don't respect his knowledge of basketball fundamentals, he did manage to regurgitate some pretty interesting info today in his chat.

Chris Sheridan  (3:26 PM)

Jeffries and Barron are the two names that are out there most prominently, but Donnie Walsh was unusually coy yesterday in going over the Knicks options, including the overseas option.

Chris Sheridan  (3:27 PM)

On the euro front, my man Eduardo Schell from Marca in Spain suggested Knicks may pursue Nenad Sinanovic, but the Trail Blazers still hold his NBA rights.

Also,  from the same chat

And their European scout, Kevin Wilson, is extremely adept at identifying diamonds in the rough. He may have his sights on Mozgov 2.0 already.    


So.. i loves reading scouting reports on Euro Players. To the batmobile !

Google didn't turn up too many hits because apparantly Nenad's first name can also be spelled Nedznadz. [ned's nads. tehe] 

Here is an interesting excerpt from a 2003 article.  I love reading these because it's like traveling through time. [with a sports almanac from the future!]

NBA Detective

When 7-foot-3 center Nedzad Sinanovic of Bosnia-Herzgovina was drafted 54th in the final moments of the 2003 draft, few took notice. "Another late round pick burned on a European stiff " many thought. However this could end up being the sleeper of the entire draft...

Because of the unique situation, a player with great potential and low exposure due to the army stint, Filipiovic and Duffy concocted a scheme to sneak the undiscovered Sinanovic through the draft, making him a free agent, and thus circumventing the NBA rookie salary scale. 

Duffy gave minimal information, listing Sinanovic's high school as his team and a Bosnian businessman who didn't speak English as his agent. The salary cap circumvention heist was in place. Sports Illustrated was called to run the story, and everything was going according to plan until deputy commissioner Russ Granik announced Portland's 54th selection.Duffy and Filipovic sat in the Greenroom shocked at what they had just heard. The scheme had been foiled. 

Perhaps one of the few scouts to even see Sinanovic was Portland Trailblazer International scout Chico Averbuck, "Nash told me to make the call. I'd seen this kid and I knew he had a lot of potential. Only time will tell if he has the stuff for the NBA"

Sinanovic has very good agility for a bigman, he can get up and down the floor and the touch on his shot is developing well. The areas he must develop are his strength and basketball understanding.

Nedzad was brought over and played with Portland in the summer league in Utah. According to Filipovic, "The assistant coaches were really impressed. He is raw, but he's a fighter, when he gets knocked down, he gets back up." 

He went on to say, "The ceiling is huge, but for now he's just a big project. He can become an NBA All Star, or he could fail to make the league. It's up to him. His great demeanor and work ethic really help his chances."

Averbuck calls Sinanovic "A player that 2-3 years from now could be a diamond in the rough type". "He's a 7-3 player that just hasn't received the coaching, he's very raw, but the potential is there."


So.. those are some pretty glowing words. However that was back in 2003. What's he up to now? Feel free to contribute some more info on this potential Knicks serviceable bigman. Our potential Mozgov 2.0.  [praise be to mozgov]


Hopefully you can post some more recent news. Ok back to work for me. 

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