Mavericks 127, Knicks 109: "oh god what is this team doing to me"

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 10: Forward Corey Brewer #13 of the Dallas Mavericks steals the ball from Anthony Carter #25 of the New York Knicks at American Airlines Center on March 10, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Pardon me if I have to mail this recap in with bad jokes but I think we're all content with just taking a trip to Lacuna, Inc. after this game.

Playing their seventh game in ten nights, and the second game of a back to back, the Knicks just flat lined against a team that seemed to care a bit more. It got a interesting in the third quarter as the Mavericks let their guards down but the Knicks just couldn't get stops. In the end, I was asking the same questions, GAx.

Click through for some brief notes.

The Mavs straight outclassed in the first half. They grabbed every rebound, probably. All of their big men suddenly had the best post-game in the league. And three's bombed atomically. All of that while the Knicks couldn't find the basket, even with Dallas' mediocre defense. The score was 72-51 going into the locker room but if not for the Knicks shooting 22-22 from the foul line, we'd be all be planning an intervention. I expected Mike D'Antoni's halftime speech to be screenplay material. In my head, this speech could've motivated Floyd to sober up and get off the couch. The second half was much of the same though except a little more Landry and a lot more Amar'e.

Amar'e Stoudemire probably had the most eventful evening in Dallas. He received an inadvertent elbow from Tyson Chandler to the jugular region and asked out of the game. It got pretty scary for a second as it looked like he couldn't move his left arm. My inner monologue went something like "omg omgomgomg not a separated shoulder" but it ended up just being a stinger. The staff put a warm pack on it and sent him back in a few minutes later. It didn't help his stroke though. That midrange jumper swag he's had lately just wasn't working. He started 1-7 from the field, missing all six of his jump shots. Second quarter, Amar'e had one of the more polite interactions one can have with another player on a box out but was whistled for his 16th technical. There's a lot of talk about it being rescinded but as I stumble through these words, he's suspended for the following game. Then third quarter, he went lunch meat for 18 points, getting to the basket off pick and rolls with Carmelo Anthony (yes!). He finished with 36 and 7, 13 trips to the line, and maybe an extra day to rest.

Melo's shot was just as off and he only made five by game's end. I'd say something insightful like Shawn Marion forced him into bad spots on the floor but I'd just be blowing smoke.

Toney Douglas looks like he had a solid night on paper with 18 points and 8 assists on good shooting but it was one of the more ineffectual performances of his season. His offense wasn't forcing the defense to hone in on him as much as you'd expect. On defense, he couldn't keep up with Rodrigue Beaubois who was just button mashing his speed burst all game.

Landry Fields exhibited typical Landry behavior. His line: 19 points on 9 shots, 6 boards, 4 steals and an assist. The third quarter featured his lone three and several steals and layups.

Tyson Chandler was in foul trouble all game but super-glued himself to Amar'e when he was on the court. It prevented Amar'e from getting the ball where he wanted. His biggest contribution, though, was reminding me of how hairy Falcore is.

Corey Brewer either dunks all of the time or time is just a concept.

Brian Cardinal is like the Simon Pegg of the NBA.

Sorry, I know this sucks.

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