ATTENTION: Suggesting a new motto for Knicks fans everywhere

Sometime in the last couple of years, an artist named "Iyaz" recorded a song called "Solo". You could hear people singing to themselves the catchy tune everywhere you went (and understandably, it was pretty damn catchy).  The song does not bring much to the table besides the jingle, but it does have one specific line that related to the life of a Knick fan (in the past):

I was so high, and now I am so low

The rest of the song might as well be mush, but that line was remain the motto for Knicks fans for a very long time. Why, might you ask?

It's because a) sports are unpredictable as hell, b) the Knicks had a tendency to get your hopes up, only to eventually let down those expectations and c) Isiah Thomas. Those days are numbered though.

That is because the Knicks recently acquired Carmelo Anthony, but for some reason, they are still unable to beat the Cavs and, even more recently, the Pacers. Good teams beat bad teams. Get it through your head, Knickerbockers. It's sickening because I've written it so many times my hand hurts.

I've written it before Anthony was acquired and again after. But time and time again, they manage to lose against teams they should, on paper, beat.

I get it. This machine needs to be oiled out. The pieces need to fit together.

Come on though, THIS IS THE CAVS AND THE PACERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The problem is that the new Knicks, as a whole, play up or down to their competition. And maybe that's actually a good thing, come playoff time. For one, they will be better rested, and two, they'll play "up" to those upper-echelon teams of the East, like the Celtics and Bulls. On the contrary though, I'd feel a lot more secure (and confident) in my favorite basketball team if they would bother to get easy wins when they could. In sports you obviously don't add and subtract wins and losses, but turn those two Cavs games into wins, and the Knicks are suddenly 36-29, not 34-31.

The reason for the old motto ("I was so high, now I'm so low") is because it happened a lot. I don't want to make the pain sting too bad, so here's one simple one that was stretched out over the course of a season.

Going back a couple of years to recent history, I was as excited as any Knick fan could be entering the infamous Larry Brown season. Pumped. Jacked. Let's do this. Then the team pulls out a grandeur 23 wins. They weren't making any MSG commercials like these back in those days because there was literally nothing to get excited about (less Stephon Marbury, but look how he turned out).

I though, am proposing a brand new motto for Knicks fans. See if you can figure it out based on these examples...

EXAMPLE #1, JUNE 24, 2010

  • Andy Rautins was selected with the 38th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Knicks. Right now that seems to make Knicks fans undeniably "low".
  • Then, moments later, the Knicks selected Landry Fields with the 39th pick. Fortunately, there is no denying that he is the best "pure rookie" in the league.

EXAMPLE #2, JULY 7, 2010 - TODAY

  • The world claims that Amar'e Stoudemire will suck as a New York Knick.
  • Stoudemire proves the world wrong... up to today. *KNOCKS ON WOOD*

EXAMPLE #3, FEBRUARY 25, 2011 - FEBRUARY 27, 2011

EXAMPLE #4, MARCH 4, 2011 - MARCH 9, 2011

  • The Knicks dropped another scrimmage to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • The Knicks followed it up with three wins over the Hawks, Jazz, and Grizzlies

Based on the evidence above, I can only see one outcome for tomorrow night's game against the Pacers... a win. Similarly, the four examples above provide for a new moto for Knicks fans everywhere: so low, then so high.

Dan Miranda is the writer/editor of Knicks Vision, a Knicks blog filled with useful information, news, and analysis on your favorite New York basketball team. To get more of Dan (and more NYK info), follow him on Twitter.

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