Going up?

Good afternoon, spatulas (I'm using one right now).  It's a rough time to be a Knicks fan, eh? But I believe things are going to get better. I really do. Now jump like the oil in my frying pan and find out why....

First of all, I don't think there is much hope for this season. The Knicks made pull one surprise upset, but this team is not going further than the second round. Even escaping the first round is very unlikely (I will be overjoyed to eat these words, so don't think I'm wishing for this).

Reasons to have hope for the future:


1. We have Amare and Melo locked up for long-term, and they are both in their primes. Yes, we all know that they have frustrated the hell out of us with their deficiencies. But the fact remains that these two guys are PROVEN scorers. You don't put up big numbers in the NBA for seven plus years by accident. Are offense will be amazing moving forward. It's obvious right now that Melo and Amare are kind of in each others way, and they don't know how to compliment each other. But that will change in time. They will learn how to space for each other, and run amuck on offense (defense is another story). This will probably not happen till next season.

2. This is probably as bad as our roster is ever going to be for the next five years.

Think about it. Aside from Amare and Melo, we don't have a single player on our roster who is a legitimate starting player in the NBA. You can make a case for Billups (and I do like Billups), but the fact is that even he would probably come off the bench for almost half the teams in this league (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Golden State, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, etc....)

You could also make a case for TD or Landry (I love both of them), but you could also make a good case against them.

The fact is, we have one of the WORST rosters in the league!!! Two stars and a bunch of bench bros! That's not a team! We have Jared Jeffries and Sheldon Williams (neither of them should be in the NBA) splitting time with a career back-up (Turiaf) in our frontcourt! It's a wonder we've won any games at all!

There are only three players in this league (in my opinion) that you can throw out on the floor with a bunch of scrubs, and they are still good enough to make their teams win: Kobe, Lebron, and Dwight.

But we don't have them. We have Amare and Melo, and those are two fine pieces.

This roster WILL get better in the next year or two.


3. Amare is playing injured right now, and it's really slowing him down.

I am doing a separate fan post on this, so head over there after commenting on this one.

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