what can we do with what is in our cupboard?

obviously, somethings gotta change. i've been seeing similar suggestions referenced in other posts and replies, and no, this is not a post to bash anyone, nor is it a complaint about the trade (i/we've all done enough of that). it's a suggestion post and a call for suggestions. 

first, my apologies to 'melo. i have been very harsh in my criticism of him. and while i continue to wait for his all around game to appear... i no longer see him at the core of our problems. he simply isn't surrounded by the kinds of players he needs to maximize his talent. 

second, my respect goes out to billups for all he has done in his career, what he accomplished in detroit, and the way he has played the PG position over his long, steady career. the man is a true leader... but he too is no longer surrounded by players that allow him to maximize his talent, especially at his advanced age. and sadly, right now, i do see him at the core of our problems. 

as so eloquently mentioned in other posts and supported by statistics... our offense and our defense have obviously both stalled and malfunctioned... and while many of us are looking for answers, seeking comfort in complaints, desperately trying to stay patient and positive, and considering jumping ship to the brooklynettes (just kidding... i hope)... clearly changes to be made RIGHT NOW... and no, MDA isn't getting fired... yet. 

here's my proposal to address the glaring lack of ball movement and penetration... the glaring lack of pace and fast break opportunities... the glaring lack of perimeter defense... and the abominable starts to games.

TD starts... with carter getting more minutes and  billups off the bench: why? because billups, without the athletes who move without the ball (like jr smith, rip hamilton etc.), and without the ability to penetrate or stay in front of, or pressure his man... is putting us in too big of a hole.  he simply cannot run an offense, push the tempo or anchor a defense anymore... at best, he is a strong leader with the ability to hit clutch shots at the end of games. TD and carter at least can apply pressure and break down the opposing guard...which helps a lot. 

and now here is the other idea, which has also been suggested and i am supporting it. START D. BROWN. here's why: we're too slow. we're no longer athletic. we're not going to be a big, rebounding team until we make roster moves and we have to be SOMETHING. so let's embrace our smallness and at least play faster. d. brown, who is absolutely unproven and might actually suck, is at the very least long, agile and athletic. he can at the very least get out on the break. he will undoubtedly bring energy (at least to prove something) to the floor at the beginning of games. and he's got enough length to maybe grab some rebounds and block some shots. he also allows us to keep E's versatility and shooting on the bench. 

in essence what i'm suggesting is that we start TD, landry, melo, d. brown and amare... with carter, billups, E, and turiaf off the bench... billups needs to be our leader in the hole and a clutch shooting option at the end of games... TD, whether you're a fan of his or not, at the very least is an upgrade at PG over billups with his defense and ability to at least get the opposing teams defense moving and collapsing. 

again, this is not about the trade, nor is it about bashing guys. it's about looking at what's in our cupboard, and seeing if we can whip up a dish that doesn't taste as awful as the one we've been tasting. 

so what would you do with what's in our cupboard? 

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