Sigh. OK, Radical Solutions!

Unexpectedly faced with a fucked up, unbalanced team getting exposed on a nightly basis, I find myself once again in that old mode all too familiar during the 10 years of hell.

The mode of trying to figure out ways to fix the team's problems.  One thinks about it and tries to solve it.  And one finds one's ideas getting increasingly bizzare.

We know this drill.  We're familiar with it.  We're good at it.  It kind of sucks that, pre-trade, we thought  "Hey, we could use a better rebounding center and maybe another crunch time scorer".  And now we are reduced to "Start Derrick Brown at point guard".  But it is what it is.  Let's have some crazy solutions people.  Let's have fun with this.

Here's mine:  I've been developing this for several hours now.

1. Ask Chauncey Billups if, now that the hoopla has died down, he really wants to be here.  If the guy's like 'Not really', or 'yeah, sorta', just grant him his release and end this before it gets ugly.  Honestly, with all our other holes, I think we need to free up that money next year anyways.

1a. With the roster spot freed up, sign Earl Barron.  But they probably can't use him in the playoffs, can they?  Oh well.

2. Start Toney, Bully, Melo, Amar'e at the 1,2,3,4.

3. Turiaf is probably the best option to start at the 5, but the guy's knee won't hold up.  Fuck it, shut him down and start She-Will over there.

4. Bring Rautins, Fields, Extra E, D.Brown off the bench.

5. Get Turiaf a knee operation or something.  I think the guy's the best option at the 5, but he can't stay healthy long enough to establish anything.  Fuck this, I can't take it anymore.


When Toney's in the game, switch off with Melo bringing the ball up.

I guess Rautins must suck, but maybe if you just throw him in there and let him make some mistakes, he'll start providing some fucking leadership on the second unit.    No one else seems capable of doing it.

Shooting guard rotation is Bully/Fields

Small forward rotation is Melo/Brown

PF rotation is STAT/Extra E

C rotation is She-will / STAT.  She-will get rebounds, at least.

My thing is, I guess they're backing into the playoffs.  But their on-court leadership situation is just awful right now.  So just blow the shit up, lose some more games, and hope you create some chemistry and energy in the team

Basically, the void in on-court pointguardy leadership seems unsolvable, but you just go with Toney / Rautins and have Melo handle the rock a lot when he's in there, you at least have a chance of creating a situation which at least is not so god damn confusing and undefined.

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